SlimJim Boiler & Pre-Plumbed Cylinder Packages

    Boiler output range from 10kW to 14.4kW and Cylinder capacities from 150L to 210L

    SlimJim Electric Boiler & Cylinder Heatpacks are designed to reduce installation time and eliminate unnecessary external plumbing and pipe work for the Cylinder installation. This value-for-money package includes a SlimJim Electric Boiler and Pre-Plumbed Indirect Stainless Steel Cylinder which is pre-wired and pre-plumbed and includes the 24/7 Programmer & Thermostat.

    SlimJim Electric Boiler Packages are available with single phase Boilers from 10kW to 14.4kW with a choice of Indirect Stainless Steel Cylinders from 150L to 210L. An Electric Boiler on a wet central heating system presents all the controllability offered by a gas fired central heating system. Using standard pipe-work, conventional wet system radiators and thermostatic radiator valves the boiler, being 100% efficient and fully modulating, will take the same amount of time to heat the property as a gas boiler. As no flue is involved and no gas analysis is required the installation of the system will be a lot quicker than that of a gas system boiler.

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    SlimJim Electric Boiler Features

    • 100% efficient
    • Virtually silent in operation
    • Suitable for central heating only or central heating & hot water
    • Suitable for underfloor heating
    • No Mandatory Maintenance required
    • Space Saving Minimalistic Design
    • 5 Year Warranty (T&C’s Apply)
    • Option of Volt-Free or 230V Control Connections
    • 6 Stage Heating
    • Easy-Fit Connectors & Sensors
    • In-Built Fault Finding Diagnostics
    • High Current Thermal Cut-Out
    • Water Level Sensor
    • Insulated Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

    What's Included - Choice of Electric Boiler & Pre-Plumbed Indirect Stainless Steel Cylinder

    • Twin Channel Programmer
    • Room Thermostat
    • 2×2 Port Zone Valve (Fitted)
    • Dual Cylinder Thermostat (Fitted)
    • Wiring Centre (Fitted)
    • Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve (Fitted)
    • Inlet Control Set (Fitted)
    • 15mm / 22mm Tundish (Fitted)
    • 1 x 3kW Immersion Heater (Fitted)

    • DHW Expansion Vessel
    • 8 Litre Robo Kit
    • Auto Air Vent
    • High Quality ErP Smart Pump
    • Lockshield Valves
    • Magnetic Filter
    • Automatic By-Pass (Fitted)
    • Installation & Maintenance Instructions
    • Benchmark Logbook

    Pre-Plumbed Cylinder Features

    • ErP C-Rated Hot Water Cylinder
    • 50mm Insulation
    • T&P Relief Valve
    • DHW Zone Valve
    • Heating Zone Valve
    • Drain Point
    • Backup 3kW Immersion Heater

    The Pre-Plumbed Cylinder Package is pre-wired and pre-plumbed to reduce installation time by up to 70%. On multiple installations this ensures that all properties are installed using the same configuration.


    EHC - The Electric Boiler Specialists

    • Installation is quicker than a gas system
    • The wiring of an Electric Boiler is the same as an Electric Shower
    • Electric Boilers can be used for Open Vented Systems
    • Can be used as back-up for Heat Pumps
    • Standard radiators and valves can be used with Electric Boilers
    • EHC Electric Boilers have a soft start to avoid power surges
    • Electric Boilers are almost silent when operating
    • Electric Boilers emit no noxious fumes or gases
    • Can be used with underfloor heating systems
    • EHC only use and recommend High Efficiency ErP Smart Pumps



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