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Standard Product Warranty Terms & Conditions

  •  The Electric Heating Company warrants that the Goods are free from any material defect in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months (unless otherwise stated per individual product) from date of invoice or date of purchase where the product was resold through a distributor. Where supplied warranty cards must be completed and returned whilst detailing the product Serial Number for reference. The Seller’s liability under this warranty shall be limited to making available free of charge materials required to make good any defects or (at the Sellers Discretion) replacing of the defective Goods.
  • The Sellers liability under this warranty is also conditional upon the following:-
  • The Goods not having been subjected to any abnormal or improper use or modification.
  • The Goods having been properly stored and used by the Buyer.
  • The Goods having been installed by a competent person in line with the requirements of the product installation manual.
  • The Goods not having been damaged by the Buyer whether by accident, neglect or failure to follow instructions concerning the use of the Goods.
  • The Seller is to be notified by the Buyer within 48 hours of discovering a defect with the Goods which has been sustained during the transportation of the goods by the carrier.
  • Any defect Goods which cannot be made good are to be returned to the Sellers premises for investigation.
  • For all other conditions & requirements relating to warranty, refer to the Installation Manual for the product in question which is available upon request or alternatively visit the specific products webpage.
  • The Term ‘Lifetime Warranty’ covers the product for the duration of its operational life from deformation of the metal casing. Discolouration of the paint work due to age or installation  location is not covered along with accidental or third party damage.
  •  On larger products (as listed below) the Seller will provide free of charge labour (Within the United Kingdom only) and materials required to make good any defects or (at the Sellers discretion) replacing of the defective Goods.
    • Electric Radiators/Panel Heaters
    • Electric Boilers
    • Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Electric Boiler 5 Year Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. The 5 Year Warranty offered by EHC is applicable to boilers purchased from 1st August 2021 onwards. Boilers purchased prior to this date are covered with the original 2 Year Parts & Labour Warranty only.
  2. The installer must be suitably qualified to install EHC products and all Commissioning Sheets & Annual Servicing Sheets require to be made available to EHC when requested.
  3. The Boiler must be installed as per the manufacturers installation instructions.
  4. The Boiler Warranty starts from the date of purchase and must be registered with EHC by either the Installer or the Householder, within 60 days of the Boiler Purchase date. For new build properties, this must be done within 30 days of the sale being completed. Failure to do so will reset the Warranty Period to 2 Years for Parts and Labour only.
  5. For Boilers registered within the stated time frame, the 5 Year Warranty will compromise of 2 Years Parts and Labour with a further 3 years Parts only. An extended Warranty is available for the additional 3 years Labour cover if required.
  6. To comply with our Manufacturer’s Warranty Terms the Boiler must be serviced each year as outlined in the product installation manual. The service must be carried out by a suitably qualified engineer. The service can be done up to 30 days before or after the original anniversary of the Boiler being installed without invalidating the Warranty.
  7. If the service is not carried out in accordance with the guidelines within the product installation manual, the Warranty cover will become void. The guidelines are as follows:
    1. Service intervals must be every 12 months.
    2. Ensure that the expansion vessel pressure is set to 1.5bar
    3. Clean external & internal magnetic filters.
    4. Check system water condition and inhibitor strength.
    5. Check electrical connections.
  8. While the Warranty is in place, we will replace parts which were faulty from the date of purchase, at our discretion free of charge. Reasonable Labour costs will only be paid where the value has been pre-agreed and authorised by EHC prior to the repair commencing.
  9. This Warranty only relates to the Boiler and integrated controls and does not include any connected system, radiators or accessories such as time switches, thermostats, motorised valves, external pumps, external expansion vessels.
  10. If the Boiler breaks down, we may ask you to pay a deposit prior to the repair visit. We will return the deposit in full if we find a fault that is covered by the Warranty. We may keep the deposit if we cannot access your property at the agreed visit time or conditions mentioned in point 5 above of this Warranty have not been met. A responsible adult must be at the property to provide access to the Engineer.
  11. Any repair carried out under the terms of this Warranty does not extend the Warranty beyond its original period.
  12. The 5 Year Warranty only applies to boilers bought in and used in the United Kingdom.
  13. For Boilers installed in the Channel Islands and Isle Of Mann the Standard 2 Year Parts & Labour Warranty is applicable with the option to purchase an extended warranty. For all other areas out with the UK the Warranty provided will cover parts only for a 2 Year duration.
  14. Engineers will not carry out repairs if they think accessing the Boiler would be a risk to Health and Safety.
  15. If your Boiler is in a cupboard, there must be sufficient room for the Engineer to work (the minimum area is set out in the installation instructions). We will not accept responsibility for removing cupboards, kitchen units, trims etc to gain access for repairs.
  16. This Warranty does not in any way affect your Statutory or Legal Rights.
  17. Fernox Inhibitor (or equivalent) requires to be added to the system during installation and thereafter at regular intervals using the correct dosage.
  18. A reputable magnetic filter requires to be installed on the return of every Boiler.
  19. Existing systems require to be pressure flushed correctly and final TDS reading recorded on the commissioning paperwork.
  20. This Warranty does not cover the following:
    1. Parts which fail due to system debris, contamination and/or water quality issues,
    2. Boilers installed within mobile leisure accommodation vehicles (LAVs) e.g. Boats, Caravans.
    3. Any extra costs incurred whilst undertaking a repair due to incorrect installation
    4. Products that have been moved from their original place of installation.
    5. Costs of each annual service, including consumable parts such as seals and chemical treatments (inhibitor etc.)
    6. Any repair that is needed as a result of anything other than a fault to the Boiler or failure of the Boiler itself.
    7. Any 3rd party damage, whether accidental, negligent, malicious, or otherwise.
    8. Theft or attempted theft.
    9. Any fault or failure in the heating system to which the Boiler is connected.
    10. Any other costs or expenses caused by, or arising as a result of a repair.
    11. Any damage caused by hard water scale deposits or sludge resulting from corrosion.
    12. Any problems caused by inadequate supply of services such as electricity or water to the property including loss of power.
    13. Boilers which have not been:
      • Installed and set up strictly in line with the installation instructions supplied with them (including the requirement to clean the system and add corrosion inhibitor in line with BS7593:1992); or
      • Maintained strictly in line with the maintenance instructions supplied with them; or
      • Where parts other than EHC Genuine Parts have been used in any service or repair.

Electric Radiator Warranty Terms & Conditions

We are pleased to offer the Following guarantee’s on your recent purchase of EHC Electric Radiators. The following guarantee’s listed apply to the heating elements and body of the radiator only. A 2 year guarantee is applicable to the electronics.

DSR Combination Radiators – 15 Years

Ecostore Smart Storage Heater – 2 Years

Visage Panel Heater – 5 Years

ecoSAVE Oil Heater – 10 Years

Edge Heater – 5 Years

Solaris Heater – 5 Years

The period of guarantee commences with the day of delivery. If within the guarantee period the radiator is defective due to faulty components we undertake to repair the radiator free of charge.
The guarantee shall not apply to damages caused by natural wear and tear, intentional misuse, non-observance of the operational instructions, connection to incorrect supply voltage or damaged caused by power supply quality issues including surges as a result of power loss or storm damage, damages caused by corrosion or rust or use of aggressive cleaning agents.
The purchaser shall not be entitled to any rights and/or remedies under this guarantee if the radiator has been repaired, or attempted to be repaired, without written authorisation from us or if a part or parts not supplied by us have been used in a repair.
Any claims for compensation of damages beyond the scope of this guarantee are excluded.
The period of guarantee shall not be renewed or extended by repair or substitute radiator.
The guarantee shall not be transferrable without approval.
All guarantee claims must be accompanied by a relevant test certificate which is supplied with every EHC Electric Radiator

Neptune Unvented Cylinder Warranty Terms & Conditions

The guarantee applies only to the product named EHC Neptune Unvented Hot Water Cylinder. Hereafter the term ‘product’ refers to EHC Neptune Hot Water Cylinder.
Electric Heating Company guarantees to the homeowner that for a period of 2 years from the date of commissioning or legal completion if new build, that the products and associated components installed will conform to EHC specification; and be free from defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the conditions set out below.
Please note: This guarantee excludes all pipework and connections and excludes any ancillary equipment as may be connected to the product. (Ex: descaling equipment, water softeners) The guarantee is extended to a total of 25 years for the stainless steel inner vessel in domestic properties.
This guarantee means that Electric Heating Company will take responsibility for the cost of guarantee repair of a product by an approved Electric Heating Company Service Engineer, so that the product shall conform to Electric Heating Company specification.
Electric Heating Company reserves the right, at it’s discretion to replace a product or major component where it considers it to be beyond economical repair.
In the event of a breakdown during the guarantee period please call our
Customer Service Department on: 01698 820533
Guarantee repair is free of charge to you for any parts and labour, providing all the guarantee conditions have been met.

Please read the following conditions before registering your product and before seeking any guarantee service support IMPORTANT: Electric Heating Company guarantee is subject to the homeowner registering with the Electric Heating Company Customer Service Department within 30 days of commissioning / occupation if new build to confirm:
• Product Make / Model
• Details of installation

Please complete the registration card provided and return to:
Customer Service Department,
Electric Heating Company,
Unit 40 Block 5 Third Road Blantyre
G72 0UP
or register the product on-line at:

If you do not register the Product then Electric Heating Company Guarantee is limited to twelve months from the date of commissioning. The product must be maintained by a competent person* within 12 months after commissioning, and thereafter at 12 monthly intervals.
Electric Heating Company reserves the right to seek evidence of this maintenance to our reasonable satisfaction before approving any guarantee servicing / repairs. This may include evidence of completed Service Record and service agreement / invoice. Annual Services are available from the Customer Service/Technical Support team.
*A competent person is a business that has been adjudged by an accredited body

** to be sufficiently competent to self-certify that its work complies with Document (G) Part 3 of the Building Regulations of England and Wales.
*May Include SEI registered installers and/or FAS trained plumbers who have completed the renewables technology module
** An example of which is BPEC Any exchanged component will become the legal property of Electric Heating Company.

This guarantee is valid provided that:
• The product has been installed by a competent installer and as per the instructions contained in the installation manual and all relevant Codes of Practice and Regulations in force at the time of installation.
• Any disinfection has been carried out in accordance with BS 6700.
• The product has not been modified in any way.
• The system is fed from domestic mains water supply and is in compliance with water regulations 1999, the water supply(Scotland) byelaws 2014, water supply regulations(Northern Ireland) 2009 or the water services act(Ireland) 2007
• The product has only been used for the storage of wholesome water (max. 250mg/l chloride – for hard water areas, EHC recommend the use of an electrolytic scale reducer)
• Any 3rd party labour charges associated with replacing the unit or any of its components have been authorised in advance by the Customer Service/ Technical Support team.
• It has only been used for the storage of potable water.
• The product has not been subjected to frost, nor has it been tampered with or been subjected to misuse or neglect.
• No factory fitted parts have been removed for unauthorised repair or replacement.
• The Commissioning Checklist and Service Record included with this product Installation Manual have been completed.
• Regular maintenance has been carried out by a competent person in accordance with the requirements set out in the maintenance section of
the installation manual.
• The owner or installer has registered the product on-line at within 30 days of purchase or by sending completed Guarantee slip (page 28). Failure to do so may result in a reduced warranty period.
• Evidence of purchase and date of supply must be submitted upon making a claim.
• Any replacement parts used should be authorised Electric Heating Company spare parts.
•If a defect arises and a valid claim is received within the warranty period, at its option and to the extent permitted by law the Electric Heating Company shall either:
(1) Repair the defect at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts
(2) Exchange the product with a product that is new or which has been manufactured using new or serviceable used parts
(3) Refund the purchase price or a reasonable proportion of the purchase price.

The Electric Heating Company reserves the right to inspect the product at your home before proceeding with any guarantee repair or replacement.
Any valid guarantee claim or guarantee service does not extend the original guarantee period. Information on extend warranties is available upon request.
The guarantee only applies to the property at which the product was originally installed and applied only to properties in the United Kingdom & Ireland. The guarantee is fully transferable from a change of legal ownership of the property.
EXCLUSIONS – The guarantee does not cover:
Electric Heating Company will not be liable for any fault or costs arising from incorrect installation, incorrect application, lack of regular maintenance or neglect, accidental damage, malicious damage, misuse, any alteration, tampering or repair carried by a non competent person.
• The product if the factory fitted temperature and pressure relief valve has been tampered with or removed.
• Neither the Distributor nor Manufacturer shall be responsible for any consequential damage howsoever caused.
• The effects of scale build up or the effects of corrosion.
• Any consequential losses caused by the failure or malfunction of the product.
• Faults and any associated costs arising from lack of power or water.
• Failure incurred by water contamination, air pollution and natural disasters.
• This guarantee is not valid for installations outside the United Kingdom and Ireland.
• Any consequential loss, loss of profits, revenues or receipts howsoever arising from any non-conformity or defect affecting the product or from any delay in repair or replacement of the product.
• Any loss or damage caused by delay in conduct of services or supply of parts required to rectify the non-conformity or defect (provided Electric Heating Company will use all reasonable efforts to ensure services are performed on a timely basis).
• For repair or replacement of any product consumables or decorative finishes, such as filters and casings. This guarantee does not affect any legal rights you may have as a consumer under applicable national legislation governing your purchase of this product For installations outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland, please contact Customer Service/Technical Support. The Electric Heating Company shall make final determination as to the validity of any guarantee claim, and shall be entitled to charge you all reasonable costs incurred in investigating the claim where there is no fault found, or the guarantee claim is rejected in accordance with these conditions.


For any further guidance on Warranty cover please
contact our Technical Support Team on 01698 820533.



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