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Setting the Standard in Electric Heating

EHC Electric Heaters and Radiators provide complete peace of mind for reliability, performance and safety that are available in a host of styles and outputs. They offer the perfect solution for replacing outdated storage heaters and for properties with no access to a mains gas supply or homes that require additional heating solutions. The perfect retro-fit.

The entire range are 100% energy efficient products and Lot20 Compliant. They are normally installed by qualified electricians or simply plugged in using the 13A UK Plug supplied with the Product.

Heat up and operate like a ‘wet’ system Radiator to provide the user with a superior heating experience

The DSR Heat Retention Electric Radiator utilises the perfect balance of convection and radiation, warming both you and the surrounding air. The Radiator’s heating element warms the Magmatic Ceramic Tablets inside the Radiator. When warm, these heat retentive Tablets distribute heat across the front of the Radiator and channel it upwards through its internal structure.

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Supplied with a 13A UK Plug and simply plugged in for a DIY Installation or alternatively it can be spur wired to the Heating circuit

A modern, slim, stylish and carefully sized Convector Heater which has been designed with a gentle curved front that will enhance any room within the home whilst providing a quick and responsive heating experience. It is manufactured using high grade 100% recyclable Aluminium. The front air outlet located at the top of the Heater ensures that the heat emitted is pushed into the room to prevent hotspots and wasted energy at ceiling height.

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A modern Heater which boasts the perfect balance between efficiency, comfort & style

Manufactured using high grade 100% recyclable Aluminium. It produces heat on demand and with the modular construction of the Heater it cycles airflow and emits heat throughout the room.

The ceramic blocks retain heat for longer than either water or oil based Heaters. The whole surface area of the Heater benefits from this technology for an enhanced heating experience whilst the ceramic blocks provide partial storage and heat retention of the energy used.

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Electric Panel Heater which is perfect for providing efficient and effective heating whilst maintaining a clean, contemporary style for your home

The aluminium heating element located within the Heater provides fast-acting convected heat, before warming the Magmatic Ceramic Tablets inside the Heater. When warm, these heat retentive Tablets distribute heat evenly across the front of the Heater and channel it upwards through its internal structure.

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Manufactured to the highest standard and with a chrome finish with no visible weld seams they offer a premier performance to suit your bathroom heating needs.

Suitable for both Domestic and Commercial properties and are available in outputs of 300 and 600watts. All the Towel Rails are pre-filled with thermofluid which provides frost protection. As they are a bathroom appliance they are IP54 rated and have Class 1 protection. All our Towel Rails are pre-filled and are supplied with a 50cm Flex Cable and an attractive Thermostat which has a 2 Hour Boost facility

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