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ecoSAVE Heaters

100% energy efficient oil filled Electric Heaters which incorporates the latest technology to allow 24/7 Wi-Fi controllability for both time and temperature

The ecoSAVE Dynamic Heater is designed to meet the heating demands of the modern home. Unlike other inferior heaters on the market the ecoSAVE is manufactured from high grade aluminium designed to last. The Heating Elements and High Performance Heating Oil are housed within the sturdy high grade aluminium body of the Heater. Aluminium is regarded a superior material for transmitting heat.

The State of the Art easy to use ecoSAVE Controller, located on the top of the Heater for ease of use, can be controlled for both time and temperature either manually or wirelessly when using the optional DSR Smart APP Gateway. The Intelligent Temperature Control system has been designed to reduce energy bills and maximise controllability.

This range of Electric Oil-Filled Heaters Range comprises of models with power outputs ranging from 750w to 1800w, while the conservatory-style ‘short’ radiators are available in 950 and 1425 Watt options.

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Ecosave 1500 Livingroom-Cropped

ecoSAVE Radiator

The ecoSAVE Dynamic Heater is an advanced heating solution designed for modern homes. The radiator boasts exceptional durability and efficient heat transmission. With an intuitive ecoSAVE Controller located on top, you can easily manage time and temperature settings, either manually or wirelessly via the optional DSR Smart APP Gateway. Its Intelligent Temperature Control system is designed to reduce energy costs and maximise control. This electric heater offers rapid heat-up times and consistent surface temperatures thanks to its modular construction and air flow outlets. The digital programmable thermostat, situated on top, offers 24/7 programmability, comfort, economy, frost protection, and on/off settings. Additionally, it features an “Open Window Feature” for energy savings and a “Self Adaptive Control” function that learns and adapts to your preferences over time, ensuring your home is comfortable when you need it.


ecoSAVE Short Conservatory Radiator

Our ecoSAVE Dynamic Aluminium Heater, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the heating demands of modern homes.  Our ecoSAVE Dynamic Aluminium Heater is now available in a conservatory-style ‘short’ radiator model, making it an ideal choice for your specific space heating needs. Ideal for your conservatory or sunroom meaning there is no need to extend your existing heating system, saving you time and money. Experience fast heat-up times, precise temperature control, and advanced features like the “Open Window Feature” and “Self Adaptive Control” that enhance energy efficiency and overall comfort in your home. Available in 950 & 1425Watt outputs.


ecoSAVE® Manual Controller

The ecoSAVE is an 100% energy efficient oil filled electric Heater which incorporates the latest technology to allow 24/7 Wi-Fi controllability for both time and temperature

For ease of operation the easy-to-use digital programmable thermostat is located at the top of the Heater. It will accurately control both time and temperature, is fully programmable 24/7 and offers comfort, economy, frost protection and on/off settings.


DSR Smart Control APP

If you purchase the optional EHC Smart Gateway you can take advantage of the in-built Wi-Fi ready capability and Control your heaters wirelessly via our free APP Anywhere, Anytime 24/7. You are able to program your heaters individually or in groups up to a maximum of 30 Heaters. The DSR Control APP has many features designed to enhance your comfort levels and provide essential information regarding your heating system. There is also an optional Power Meter Clamp available for Load Shedding Control.

  • Control your heating anywhere and anytime
  • Switch the Heaters On/Off at any time
  • Adjust each room temperature separately
  • Limit electricity consumption to avoid exceeding maximum power available
  • Monitor your electricity consumption
  • View the electricity and temperature consumption history

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Setting the Standard in Electric Heating

EHC Electric Heaters and Radiators provide complete peace of mind for reliability, performance and safety that are available in a host of styles and outputs.

They offer the perfect solution for replacing outdated storage heaters and for properties with no access to a mains gas supply or homes that require additional heating solutions. The perfect retro-fit.

The entire range are 100% energy efficient products and Lot20 Compliant.




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