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We are excited to announce our latest product, the Air Source Heat Pump.

New Air Source Heat Pumps – Efficient Home Heating

Upgrade to eco-friendly warmth with our latest innovation – high-performance Air Source Heat Pumps! Available in a range of outputs from 8-23kW, these systems provide reliable and efficient home heating while reducing your environmental impact.

Air Source Heat Pumps work by extracting thermal energy from the outside air and transferring it indoors to generate heating and hot water for your home. The refrigerant-based technology allows maximizing every unit of electricity for greater efficiency compared to traditional heating methods.

With minimal greenhouse gas emissions and exceptional energy ratings, our Air Source Heat Pumps offer an environmentally-conscious solution to keep you comfortably warm year-round. The flexible output options ensure we can specify the ideal size for your property’s heating demands.

Get in touch with our heating experts today to learn more about this cutting-edge technology and explore if an Air Source Heat Pump is the right sustainable heating upgrade for your home.

01698 820533 to learn more!

  • Iconic Air 8kW

    Maximum electricity demand: up to 11,113kWh/year*
    Shop Now iconic-air-8kw
  • Iconic Air 12kW

    Maximum electricity demand: up to 17,918kWh/year*
    Shop Now iconic-air-12kw
  • Iconic Air 16/23kW

    Maximum electricity demand: up to 29,787kWh/year*
    Shop Now iconic-air-16kw

Download/View Iconic Air Brochure

Iconic Air Brochure – Eco-Friendly Home Heating

Creating your dream home goes beyond just aesthetics – it’s about selecting sustainable solutions that reduce your environmental impact. An energy-efficient heating system is now an essential for the modern, eco-conscious household.

Our Iconic Air brochure showcases how an air source heat pump can provide reliable warmth while dramatically shrinking your carbon footprint. Inside you’ll find:

✨ Details on the innovative heat pump technology that extracts thermal energy from outdoor air

✨ The impressive efficiency ratings compared to traditional heating methods

✨ Overview of available output sizes to suit any home’s heating needs

✨ Information on reducing your heating costs and reliance on fossil fuels

Download or view the Iconic Air brochure today to learn how this eco-friendly heating can complete your vision of the ideal, environmentally-responsible dream home.

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Why choose The Electric Heating Company

Why choose the Iconic Air ASHP?

When upgrading to an eco-friendly heating solution, our Iconic Air Source Heat Pumps stand out with a compelling array of benefits for smart homeowners:

💰 Energy-Efficient Performance – By extracting thermal energy from the outside air, the heat pumps operate exceptionally efficiently to reduce your energy consumption and utility costs.

🏆 Award-Winning Design – The sleek outdoor unit has been recognized across the industry for its attractive, modern aesthetics that enhance any home’s exterior.

☀️ Eco-Conscious Operation – Minimal greenhouse gas emissions make Iconic Air heat pumps an environmentally-responsible choice aligned with the UK’s net zero targets.

🔥 Intelligent Boost Heating – The integrated modulating boost element in the indoor unit provides supplemental heat during extremely cold periods to maintain ideal indoor comfort.

From the eye-catching looks to the economical and eco-friendly performance, the Iconic Air Air Source Heat Pump system hits all the marks. Enjoy the perfect combination of energy savings, sustainability, and fashionable form.

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High COP Efficiency

The Coefficient of Performance (COP) is the translation of 1kW of electricity consumed into heating energy that the heat pump delivers to your home.

The perfect all-in-one solution for your home!

No more hassle of sourcing and installing individual components – this package includes everything you need, including an Air Source Heat Pump, combined Hot Water Cylinder with integral 44L buffer, and all necessary auxiliary components for a trouble-free installation.

Experience the convenience and benefits of the EHC Air Source Heat Pump Complete Package today – the perfect investment for your home!

The Iconic Air Heat Pump is specifically engineered for optimal performance in cold climates. What makes the Iconic Air remarkable is the ability to achieve high efficiency even in the coldest of the climates.

Savings vary depending on factors like the fabric of the property, insulation levels, window glazing & doors. Generally, users will be able to save a significant amount of money on their energy bills over time.

The lifespan of the Iconic Air, Air Source Heat Pump is anything up to 20 Years or more. However, this can vary depending on factors such as regular maintenance, usage & quality of the unit.

Yes, there are several UK government incentives to encourage the adoption of energy efficient technologies like the Iconic Air Heat Pump. You can visit the government incentives available on the links provided on this web page below.

Yes! The iconic Air, Air Source Heat Pump can be retrofitted into existing homes, but it is essential to assess the suitability of the existing heating system and insulation to maximise efficiency of the Iconic Air.

No, our Iconic Air Heat Pumps come with a modulating heat element in the indoor unit to assist the home to have some heat whilst the outdoor unit is being maintained.



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