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EHC Air Source Heat Pump

Various outputs available - from 8 to 23 kW

The Electric Heating Company is excited to announce our latest product, the Air Source Heat Pump. This innovative product is designed to provide efficient heating for homes while reducing environmental impact.

Living with an Eco-Friendly central heating system is becoming an essential solution for the modern home. We understand that choosing a heating system is an important decision, and we are here to help you make the right choice for your needs.

The Air Source Heat Pump is a fantastic addition to our range of products, and we are excited to be able to offer it to our customers. With its energy efficiency, and ease of use, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly heating solution

✔ A+++ Energy efficiency                                                                             ✔ Reduced energy costs

✔ Lower greenhouse gas emissions                                                           ✔ Increased use of renewable energy

✔ Eligible for government grants                                                                 ✔ Quiet operation

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Boost Heating Element

Boost Heating Element

When it comes to using an Air Source Heat Pump, one of the challenges can be maintaining efficient heating performance when external temperature drop to very low levels and the Air Source Heat Pump may struggle to extract enough heat from the outside air to maintain comfortable indoor temperature.

In situations like this, our internal unit incorporates a supplementary modulating auxiliary element that works in conjunction with the heat pump to enhance the system’s temperature. This means that the Air Source Heat Pump can consistently provide the right amount of heat needed to keep the indoor temperature at the desired level. This results in a more efficient and reliable heating system that can keep you warm and cosy even in harsh weather conditions.

This cutting-edge technology is a valuable addition to any home and we are confident that it will exceed your expectations. Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your heating system!

Your electric future is now!

ASHP Complete Package

The Heat Pump package is the all-in-one solution for your heating needs!

With this package, you can enjoy the benefits of a heat pump system that efficiently heats your home and hot water while saving on space and installation costs. Plus, the 44L buffer ensures that you always have a readily available supply of hot water, even during periods of high demand.

Experience the ultimate convenience in heating with our Heat Pump package – the perfect all-in-one solution for your home! No more hassle of sourcing and installing individual components – this package includes everything you need, including an Air Source Heat Pump, combined Hot Water Cylinder with integral 44L buffer, and all necessary auxiliary components for a trouble-free installation.

Experience the convenience and benefits of the EHC Air Source Heat Pump Complete Package today – the perfect investment for your home!

ASHP complete package - 8 & 12 kW (1)
Neptune Air Cylinders (1)

Neptune Air Cylinders

Introducing the Neptune AIR Heat Pump Cylinder – the ultimate solution for heating your home efficiently and cost-effectively! Our innovative product features a high-efficiency heat exchanger (Coil) that rapidly transfers low-temperature inputs from Air Source Heat Pumps, resulting in maximum performance.

With an integral 44L buffer vessel located in the top portion of the cylinder, you can save on installation costs and benefit from reduced space requirements. Plus, with all the fittings you need included in the unvented kit, you can be assured of a trouble-free installation that meets Part G of the Building Regulations.

–  Cold Water inlet set                                                                 – 3kW Immersion Heater (DHW)

–  Two port zone valve                                                                – 3kW Immersion Heater (Buffer)

– High limit stat                                                                             – T&P Relief Valve

– Tundish                                                                                       – Expansion vessel and bracket


EHC - The Electric Boiler Specialists

  • Installation is quicker than a gas system
  • The wiring of an Electric Boiler is the same as an Electric Shower
  • Electric Boilers can be used for Open Vented Systems
  • Can be used as back-up for Heat Pumps
  • Standard radiators and valves can be used with Electric Boilers
  • EHC Electric Boilers have a soft start to avoid power surges
  • Electric Boilers are almost silent when operating
  • Electric Boilers emit no noxious fumes or gases
  • Can be used with underfloor heating systems
  • EHC only use and recommend High Efficiency ErP Smart Pumps



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