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The SlimJim Electric Flow Boiler is the perfect heating solution for Homes where space is a premium and low installation costs are required.

The SlimJim Electric Boiler is a fully controllable electric flow boiler designed to maximise cupboard space but provide the flexibility and controllability that a gas fired central heating system offers. It is suitable for installation using standard pipe-work, conventional wet system radiators and thermostatic radiator valves.

It is 100% efficient, silent in operation and fully modulating and will take the same amount of time to heat the property as any other Gas, LPG and Oil Boiler. Whilst there is no mandatory requirement for an Annual Safety Inspection at EHC we believe it is good practice to carry out periodic checks to protect the lifespan of the Product.

The Boiler dimensions are 912mm x 203mm x 172mm. As no flue is required it can be installed in any suitable cupboard within the property. It should be noted that you will require a separate Cylinder for Domestic Hot Water purposes although the Boiler can be installed as an ‘S’ Plan configuration with an Indirect Cylinder to enable you to select Heating only, Hot Water only or both at the same time.

The SlimJim has a versatile range of outputs from 4, 7, 10, 12 and 14.4kW with the elements housed in a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger. All components within the Boiler are of the highest standard and are all fully replaceable for future maintenance purposes.

A typical heating installation would comprise of the SlimJim Boiler complete with an Indirect or Direct Unvented Hot Water Cylinder and standard wet system radiators, thermostatic valves, programmer and room thermostat. The Boiler temperature range can be set between 30ºC and 80ºC which also make it a suitable choice for underfloor heating applications.

Safety is of paramount importance to EHC and as such our SlimJim Boiler includes a unique high current safety cut-out device to protect the Boiler in the event of failure.

As no flue is involved and no gas analysis is required the installation of the system will be quicker than a gas boiler install. When an Electric Boiler is used for heating a property it is likely that a Direct or Indirect Cylinder will be required for domestic hot water. Therefore the installation of an Electric Boiler and Cylinder is no different to that of a gas system boiler and cylinder. It is generally accepted that a Boiler and Indirect Cylinder will heat Domestic Hot Water quicker than a Direct Immersion Cylinder.

EHC supply via our One Stop Shop competitively priced Boiler and Cylinder Packs which also includes the necessary Controls. There is a choice of Direct, Indirect and Pre-Plumbed Stainless Steel Unvented Cylinders, which can save up to 70% on installation time.

The Pre-plumbed Unit incorporates Pre-wired Controls, Automatic by-pass, Auto air vent, Wiring centre, Combination valve, Temperature and Pressure relief valve, Tundish, 2 x 2 Port valves and Filling loop. They are designed with the busy installer in mind as all plumbing and electrical connections are prepared for an instant fit. They are supplied with a Wired Twin Channel Programmer & Room Thermostat. The Boiler can be selected with any of the available Outputs whilst the choice of Indirect Pre-Plumbed Cylinders range from 150, 180 & 210 litres. Wireless Control options are available if required.

For further control methods and system setups please contact a member of our team.

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Due to the exceptional build quality, the SlimJim Electric Boiler is protected with a 2-year guarantee.

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