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Comet PV Electric System Boiler - Model 2

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Model 2: 7.2, 9.6, 12, 14.4kW

The new era of sustainable home heating is with The Electric Heating Company’s latest offering —the Comet PV Electric System Boiler. Available in three models with a range of outputs from 2kW to 24kW, each configurable on-site for optimal performance.

The Comet PV is engineered as a standard Electric System Boiler but also for direct compatibility with the solar panels on your roof, ushering in an era of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. When you connect your solar panels with the Comet PV Electric System Boiler, you’re bringing together smart design and environmentally friendly heating.

  • Seamless integration with solar panels to maximise energy produced from PV
  • App-controlled functionality for remote management of heating schedules, temperature and energy consumption
  • Energy efficient and eco-conscious approach to home heating
  • Weather compensation compatibility for optimal performance
  • Consistent and efficient heating while contributing to sustainable energy practices
  • Manages three distinct heating circuits at different temperatures i.e. underfloor heating, wet radiators, and warm air unit
  • Significant step toward a greener and more efficient future in home heating technology.
  • Energy Efficient
    Energy Efficient
  • Virtually Silent
    Virtually Silent
  • Weather Sensor
    Weather Sensor

Due to large volumes of parcels and pallets being put through the transport companies, we cannot guarantee a next delivery.

Please be aware you will need someone on hand to sign for the delivery and move the item into your property. Due to the weight of these products, we strongly recommend having 2 or more people for the lifting. Some EHC radiators may be delivered on a pallet. All pallets are delivered roadside.

If you are ordering multiple different items, we will always endeavour to dispatch your goods together. However, separate dispatches may be necessary if the items you have ordered are being shipped from different locations. Check our delivery page or speak to our customer service team for more information.


Boiler Specification

ErP Rating
D (Heating)

At EHC we recognise the growing demand for eco friendly heating and hot water solutions and all of our products are designed with this in mind.

Owing to the fact that Electric Boilers can be run from renewable resources such a solar power, it means that your boiler will run completely free from CO2 emissions.

Electric Boilers are also 100% efficient which means that for every 1kW of electricity you use, you will receive 1kW of heat.

Moving to electric is easy, as you don’t need to replace any of your existing pipework or radiators.

By 2050 the UK Government aim to generate emission-free electricity. Electric Heating will be a major facilitator in reaching this goal and in 2020 the Government pledged 40GW of wind generated electricity in the UK by 2030. This is enough electricity to power every household in the UK!

By moving to Electric Heating, with a renewable energy tariff you’ll not only be moving to carbon-free heating, but doing your bit to heat for a renewable future!

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