Electric Heating for Social Housing

The Electric Heating Company has been supplying electric heating products to Local Authorities and Housing Associations for Social Housing across the UK for over a decade. Our unique support service, the Total Care Package, has been accepted by Housing Associations and Local Councils as being an essential feature that ensures running costs are kept at an affordable level.

EHC are aware that running costs are paramount to the Social Housing market and as such offer their Total Care Package which ensures that when Electric Heating is installed in the property the Tenants are furnished with guidance on electricity tariffs, typical running costs and are educated in the controllability of their new heating system.

We understand that selecting the right heating system is an important decision when refurbishing properties or creating new social housing. With budgetary targets including installation costs to consider alongside logistical and environmental concerns, there is a lot to take into account.

Lower initial costs and Faster Installation

Electric heating offers low capital and installation costs compared to other fuels making it an obvious choice for both refurbishments and new builds. As they are easy to install electric radiators and electric boilers offer faster installation times, less physical space taken up on site, and fewer stages of installation. For refurbishments, this means less disruption to your tenants.

Lower Lifetime Costs and Less Maintenance

Our electric radiators are 100% efficienct and have a very low continual maintenance cost. An electric system lasts on average 50% longer than an equivalent gas system and does not require a mandatory annual safety inspection.

Choosing EHC

Depending on the size of your next Electric Central Heating Project you may qualify for a Free Trial System of up to 6 EHC Electric Radiators plus Controls from The Electric Heating Company. Please contact us on 01698 820533 or email info@electric-heatingcompany.co.uk  for further details

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