Total Care Package

The Electric Heating Company is one of the foremost suppliers of Electric Heating products in the UK today. Our product range comprises of various Electric
Boiler and EHC Electric Radiators with heating & hot water solutions to cater most projects.

As part of our committed service to all our Social Housing clients we believe that a responsible approach should be taken to ensure that the Incoming Mains to a property has the capacity to operate the relevant products. Additionally we also discuss relevant electricity Tariffs which leads to reduced Whole House Electricity costs on behalf of their Tenants.

Due to the number of Electricity Suppliers throughout the UK and the diverse nature of the various Tariffs offered by them, choosing the correct option can often be confusing which is why The Electric Heating Company has developed our unique Total Care Package.

ehc total care package
total care package support

This comprehensive package includes the following:-

• Preparing Property Load Check
• Liaising with relevant Electricity Supplier responsible for the Load Check
• Advising the client of any additional work required to upgrade the Mains supply
• Supply of Electricity Tariff rates and relevant off peak times depending on area
• Providing Running Cost indications
• Discussing Change of Electricity Provider and  required Meter
• Discussing payment methods: Payment Card, Direct Debit, Quarterly Billing, pre-payment
• Providing training & education to all Tenants to ensure the heating system and Controls are operated in an efficient manner

We also offer a monthly cost monitoring facility for Whole House Electricity costs. This includes a full reporting service if required.