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EHC Convecto Rad Panel Heater

EHC Convecto Radiator
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EHC Convecto Rad Panel Heater Benefits

  • Provides instant heat
  • High quality Aluminium heating element
  • Instantly heats a room
  • More radiant heat than a normal Panel or Convector heater
  • 3 control options available
  • Reduce electricity use by up to 10%
  • Patented “Magmatic” heat retention tablets
  • Splash proof
To compliment our range of premium Combination Radiators, we have introduced a new concept in Electric Heating with the Convecto-Rad that provides instant heat. These unique panel heaters will produce more radiant heat than a normal Panel or Convector heater due to the large surface area, created by the metal ribbed frontage. Instantly heats the room due to the high quality Aluminium “X Block” heating element.

Patented “Magmatic” heat retention tablets, made from 100% bio-degradable ceramic material, can potentially reduce electricity use by up to 10% less than traditional electric convector heaters. Each Heater is IP24 rated splash proof for use in bathrooms and is supplied in RAL 9003 white finish.

There is a choice of 3 control options to choose from:-

  • Manual Thermostat
  • TDI 24 hour Digital Timer & Thermostat
  • TPOD Wireless Thermostat that can also be used with our Eco Wi-Fi Control APP
Convecto-Rad Heater Dimensions (mm)
For peace of mind they are supplied with a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.