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Visage Panel Heater

visage electric panel heater from ehc

Visage Panel Heater Benefits

  • Magmatic heat retention tablets
  • High quality aluminium steel heating element
  • Five year guarantee
  • IP24 splash proof
  • TDI control for time & temperature
  • Patented heat retention tablet
The EHC Visage Panel Heater has Magmatic heat retention tablets positioned horizontally across the middle of the radiator, above the high quality aluminium steel heating element. The heat rises off the element and passes through the radiator heating the tablet.

The radiators are IP24 splash proof and therefore can be used in bathrooms and wet areas.

All Visage Panel Heaters come with built-in 7 day digital control for time & temperature as standard.

Visage Heater Dimensions
These unique radiators are supplied with a five year guarantee