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ecoSAVE Dynamic Heaters

ecoSAVE Dynamic Heater Benefits

  • Filled with high performance heating oil for fast heat-up times and better heat retention
  • Unit is 100% energy efficient
  • Complete with a fully programmable 24/7 timer for the ultimate in control
  • Quick and easy installation of the unit with supplied wall bracket set
  • Highly-accurate digital thermostat ensures greater comfort
  • Modular design ensures an even heat distribution and optimum convection
  • Includes tamper-proof facility – great for homes with young children
  • WiFi ready – capable of being controlled via smartphone app (upgrade to Smart Control pack)
  • Silent in operation
  • Includes a standard 13 amp UK plug and simply connects to a standard socket
  • Safety cut-out system removes the chance of overheating
  • Manufactured from 100% recyclable lightweight aluminium
  • On/off switch located on the side of the heater for peace of mind
  • Complete with 10 year guarantee on heater body; 2 year warranty on electronics

The EHC ecoSAVE Dynamic Electric Heater is a highly efficient electric radiator manufactured from aluminium and heated via a high performance oil. Ideal for properties with or without access to central heating, this electric heater benefits from a precise digital thermostat and allows the user to program the unit to operate at specific times.

The ecosave is simple to control as it includes in-built manual controls and a digital thermostat to help regulate the temperature within the room.
Control your heating anywhere, anytime with the EHC app (available for all Apple and Android smartphones) by upgradng to the wifi-operated smart control pack. Switch heaters on and off, control and limit the temperature and electricity consumption per heater.
Interchangeable feet and castors are available that co-ordinate perfectly with the stylish look of the electric heater.

Manual Controls

The ecoSave electric heater has an inbuilt digital time and temperature programmer. The heater can be programmed in one hour increments with different schedules for each day of the week. Manual temperature over ride can also be achieved at any point by the use of the + & – buttons on the control panel. Each heater in the property can be programmed individually for different comfort levels.

Wifi Remote Control

Upgrade your ecoSave radiator system with our Smart App Gateway to provide you with fully automated control of your heating system when at home or away. From the App the user can program and control each heater individually or send the same command to all heaters at the same time. Each heater can be monitored individually providing the user with current room temperature, requested room temperature, and real time power consumption of the heater. The App also allows the user to prioritise a chosen heater over another in the property. An additional option for the gateway is the power clamp which provides the user with overall power consumption of the property. The power clamp also allows the user to set a maximum power consumption limit for the property, thus allowing automatic shut down of certain heaters when a high power appliance switches on.

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Complete with a 10 year guarantee on heater body and 2 year warranty on electronics