With the dark nights and cold weather bearing down us, it’s definitely time to ensure your homes and offices are set up and ready for the winter ahead. Have you considered heating your premises with Electric Radiators? If not, why not? Below we outline the benefits to be gained for choosing Electric Radiators this winter. What are you waiting for?

Electric radiators are quick and easy to install, meaning minimal disruption and lower costs to you. The radiator fixes onto unobtrusive wall fixings and is simply plugged into an electrical socket, like an other electrical appliance in your home. Easy.

With virtually no moving parts electric radiators are reliable, maintenance free and, unlike other systems, do not require annual safety checks. In the unlikely event that an EHC electric radiator develops a problem, all of the other radiators in the house still work.

As electric radiator units are independent all power consumed is converted into heat, there is no loss of heat through a gas flue.

Electric radiators do not produce carbon monoxide or any other harmful gases, so there is no risk of danger from poisonous fumes, or worse a gas explosion.

Electric heating provides unmatched levels of comfort, 24 hours a day. With electric radiators from EHC individual room temperatures can be adjusted to whatever you want meaning a relaxing environment.

Research has shown that in a modern, well insulated home, electric heating can often be cheaper to run than gas or other fuels for all the reasons above.
So, why wait? Contact The Electric Heating Company today on 01698 820 533 or info@electric-heatingcompany.co.uk