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Solar PV Radiators

Solar PV Radiator Links

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Solar PV Radiator Benefits

  • Suitable for new and retrofit Installations
  • Heating powered with energy generated by your Solar PV system
  • Each PV Ready Radiator is individually controlled by a Manual Thermostat
  • Economic running costs
  • Each PV Ready Radiator is individually controlled by a Manual Thermostat
  • No CO2 Emissions
  • Sustainable for the Future
  • No maintenance required

Your Solar PV system is designed to generate Electricity and Income for your property however you could lose up to 70% of your available generated power if you’re not using your appliances with the power generated, as the solar energy will be exported back to the grid.

EHC offer a practical solution with our Solar PV Ready Electric Radiators which can be used as a secondary heat source when using the energy generated by your Solar PV system combined with our EHC immerSUN Intelligent Controller. Due to EHC’s commitment to help reduce energy consumption we have adapted our range of Electric Combination Radiators to be Solar PV Ready.

This unique range boasts the same benefits offered by our Standard Electric Combination Radiators and are also popular in properties with Gas Central heating as a secondary pre-heat source for those hard to heat & commonly used living areas.

Stock CodeDescriptionDimensions
(W x H x D)
EHPV1200.68.631200 watt EHC PV Ready Radiator680 x 630 x 70 36
EHPV1200.38.1241200 watt EHC Tall PV Ready Radiator 380 x 1240 x 70 35
EHPV1800.98.631800 watt EHC PV Ready Radiator 980 x 630 x 70 50
EHPV1200.55.1241800 watt EHC Tall PV Ready Radiator 550 x 1240 x 70 58
Main Body 5 Years / Electronics 2 Years