Electric Boilers, Electric Heaters, and other Heating Systems

The Electric Heating Company (“EHC”) are one of the foremost suppliers of electric heating and hot water products in the UK for over 13 years.

Using our expert knowledge and vast levels of experience, we have developed our innovative product portfolio to accommodate almost any central heating and hot water requirement. Within our portfolio we offer a complete range of high quality products including Electric Boilers, Electric Heaters, Unvented Stainless Steel Cylinders and Instantaneous Water Heaters. Our products have been designed with both the installer and homeowner in mind and as such all the controls used with our products are contemporary and user friendly.

Our systems are designed to comply with the latest building regulations and Domestic Heating Compliance Guide as all our central heating products can be installed as fully controllable systems.

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An image of our Electric Heaters
48kw fusion electric boiler