The Electric Heating Company is proud to present to the market another innovation in stylish, efficient heating. Introducing our new range of Glass Fronted Panel Heaters. These elegant heaters with their contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology are perfect for homes and businesses – providing an unobtrusive alternative to traditional radiators.

The ultra-modern, toughened glass front is available in Cool White and Ebony Black, so can blend in or stand out, depending on your preference. Our Glass Fronted Panel Heaters have the same features as our bestselling Visage range, meaning they are safe, dependable, robust, and quiet. Their unique Magmatic heating tablets store heat with no loss of energy, making them 100{e0ffbcf462b77e8bb81867f73e24e1ba2ec90e1a5d375f373809c64b5f723c3a} efficient. Combined with a high quality aluminium steel heating element, these Panel Heaters represent the very latest in electric heating technology.

Our panel heaters can be installed to complement your existing heating system, or they can be used as a complete central heating solution. The radiators are IP24 splash proof and therefore can be used in bathrooms. They are incredibly robust, making them equally suited to high traffic areas of your home or hotel. With a depth of just 68mm, they are ideal where space limited.

The simple-to-use wi-fi controller offers individual control over each heater to ensure that rooms receive the right level of heat at the right time. Available in 4 outputs ranging from 1.0kW to 2.0kW, they can also be set using the Electric Heating Company’s wifi smartphone app for complete control, wherever you are.

The safety features of our Glass Fronted Panel Heaters mean that we are happy to recommend them for homes and businesses. Not only do they come with twin overheat protection, they are Class II and IP24 compliant, and have a high resistance to impact and pressure. They are also supplied with a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.

To find out more call 01698 820533 or view our full range here .