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German Electric Radiators

The many benefits of our German Electric Radiators:

  • Our Electric Radiators are Fully controllable through manual, digital time and temperature or Smart APP control options

  • Our Electric Heaters are available in various outputs and sizes available, 500W-2400W

  • Our German Electric Radiators aren’t filled with any kind of fluid, so there’s no need to ‘Bleed’ the radiators or any other forn of maintenance.

  • Lifetime guarantee on radiator / 2 year guarantee on electronics

  • Our Electric Heaters modulate to ensure room temperature is constant

  • All Electric Radiators are 70mm deep

  • Absolutely no boiler required, which keeps installation costs at a minimum.

  • Plug-in or fused spur

  • Can be a wall hung electric heater, or available with castors or feet stands for added support.

  • Simple, easy to install, replacement for storage heaters

  • Safe, clean and easy to operate

  • 100% efficient

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The Full Range of EHC Radiators

  • Product   
  • 24/7 Time & Temperature
    Each heater can be programmed as an individual standalone unit using the in-built Digital Time & Temperature Programmer. The program supports a 7 day heating cycle with 1 hour time increments with the ability to utilize three different temperature profiles. If simplicity is what you are after then just switch to the manual Digital thermostat screen where you can increase or decrease the temperature manually to suit your comfort level.
  • Free Standing or Wall Mounted   
  • Wifi App Control   
    When you connect your ecoSAVE heater to a EHC Smart Gateway, you can control your ecoSAVE heaters wirelessly using our mobile app “Termoweb”, which is available on iOS or Android. On our Termoweb app you are able to program your individual heaters, or groups, to turn on at certain times, up to a maximum of 30 heaters can be connected to a single gateway. This feature requires the EHC Smart App Gateway.
  • Load Shedding control   
    If you have limited power available or just want to keep your energy consumption to an absolute minimum the Power Load Shedding feature is for you. By fitting a power clamp next to the electric meter the Thermoweb App is able to monitor the total power consumption of the property and reduce that consumption when the preset maximum threshold is exceeded. This feature is achieved by automatically switching off each ecoSAVE heater starting with the heater which has been set by the user of having the lowest priority. This feature require the EHC Smart Kit Wifi Pack
  • Safety Cut to prevent overheating   
  • Keypad Lock Facility   
    The keypad can be easily locked to prevent unauthorized changes which is a great feature for holiday lets and properties with young children.
  • Fast Heat Up   
  • Open Window Sensing   
    heaters automatically switch off for 30 Minutes if the room temperature drops by 2.4 degrees in any 4 minute period, saving you energy and money. You can override this feature easily by pressing any button on the radiator’s controls to return the radiator to its original settings.
  • Simple DIY Installation   
    heaters are quick and easy to install and are supplied with wall mounting brackets and a pre-fitted 13A UK plug. Alternatively you have the option to purchase castors / feet separately to help suit your choice of installation.
  • Self-Adaptive Control   
    The heaters will monitor the room temperatures over 10 days to establish how quickly the home reaches your temperature setting. The operating system uses this information to switch the heaters on at the correct time in advance to achieve your specific temperature setting at your requested time making your home comfortable when you want it to be
  • Controllable Via Alexa   
    If you connect your DSR Electric Radiator with Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot, you can use various voice commands to adjust the temperature of your home without leaving the comfort of your couch. This feature requires the DSR Smart App Gateway
  • Geolocation   
    This smart feature simply works by using geo-fence technology where the user defines a perimeter at a set range around their property, when the device carrying the DSR Control App enters or leaves the specified perimeter the Geo-fence feature is triggered and automatically increases or decreases the room temperatures. From within the DSR Control App the geo-fence zone can be set to a radius around your home from 150 metres to 1000 metres. This feature requires the DSR Smart App Gateway.
  • Dry Core Thermal Heating Technology   
  • Produces Convection Heat   
  • Produces Radiant Heat   
  • Price From (Including VAT)   

  • EcoSAVE
    Dynamic Heater

  • £262.39

  • DSR
    German Visage
    Panel Heaters

  • £345.08

  • DSR
    German Electric
  • £503.10
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Electric Heating Company have created a handy tool which can calculate the size of Electric Heater that you require.

Follow this link, and fill out the dimensions of each room. The tool will calculate the total wattage or size of Electric Heaters required to provide your room with heat.

Or, you can just give us a call on 01698 820533 and we’ll work it out for you over the telephone.

If there is a bath within the property we would recommend that you accompany your Electric Boiler with a hot water cylinder. EHC offer a full range of stainless steel unvented cylinders – Which can be found here.  For properties that do not require a cylinder, The Electric Heating Company offer a wide range of instantaneous and stored hot water products.

The Electric Heating Company recommend the Economy 10 electricity tariff offered by Scottish & Southern Energy. This tariff offers 10 hours of Off Peak electricity for whole house electricity usage each day.

If you are not a customer of Scottish & Southern Energy and wish to change to the Economy 10 Tariff, you will be required to change provider and have the new Economy 10 meter installed. There is no cost associated with this.

Yes, we’re happy to offer an extended warranty on our Electric Heaters and other Electric Heating products – visit our Extended Warranties page for full details

No – But our Electric Radiators are a brilliant alternative.  Aside from providing an all-round better heating experience than outdated storage heaters, there are some benefits listed below:

  • Absolutely no boiler required.
  • Open Window Feature which detects open windows and will shut the Electric Radiator off automatically.
  • 100% Energy Efficient.
  • Fully Controllable.
  • Does not require charging.
  • All Electric Heaters are only 70 mm deep.
  • Extremely precise thermostats.

For more information, see our brochure, or give us a call on 01698 820533

Although there is no definitive answer to this question (as all users have different lifestyles, have different comfort temperatures and may be on different electricity tariffs), The Electric Heating Company commissioned an independent company to perform a six month survey to monitor energy consumption, product performance and running costs for 8 properties in the central Scotland region, click here to download the full report.

EHC heating systems are classed as “Direct Acting Heating Systems” meaning that they are fully controllable, flexible and produce heat on demand i.e. the same as gas central heating systems. There is no need to pre-heat storage stones or cylinders of hot water to generate heat ultimately saving energy and cost.

All EHC’s heating products are 100% efficient

If you are in the New Build Residential Market Sector EHC would recommend JSP Sustainability. They are an industry leading Sustainable Design Consultancy who specialise in: Reports to accompany Planning Applications, SAP/EPC, Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) and Air Tightness Testing. Please click on the following link for more information

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