EHC immerSUN Solar  PV Intelligent Controller

The EHC immerSUN is an innovative eco-friendly energy management system that diverts electricity generated by your Solar PV Panels to our Solar PV Ready Electric Radiators and Neptune Hot Water Cylinders.This provides your family with Hot Water and a reliable secondary heat source for those hard to heat & commonly used living areas. We help you make the most out of your free generated solar PV even in properties that have existing Gas Central Heating systems as the Solar PV Radiator will raise the property temperature prior to operating the Gas Boiler.

You can add an EHC immerSUN to your new Solar PV system or retro-fit to an existing system. You can keep up to 100% of the power generated as hot water or to heat your Solar PV Ready Radiators. As an added benefit you will receive your full feed-in-tariff whilst reducing your energy costs.

The EHC immerSUN system intelligently monitors power travelling to and from the grid, so ALL the unused energy goes directly into the home, whilst also displaying energy saved and power output of the system. If the demand from other Appliances within the house increases the intelligent EHC immerSUN Controller will reduce the amount of energy sent to secondary heating and hot waters sources ensuring further cost savings.

The Controller will prioritise energy distribution within your home and depending on the season or your personal preferences the Hot Water Cylinder and Solar PV Ready Radiators can be optimised to suit your Heating and Hot Water requirements.

At the end of each year, you receive an Export Tariff which is based on the estimate that 50% of the power you generated was exported to the grid. You will continue to earn this even if you use 100% of the power generated and diverted by the EHC immerSUN system to your Heating and Hot Water Appliances.

The Smart Controller will reduce your properties carbon footprint whilst also ensuring a reliable source of secondary heat and a steady supply of hot water depending on your reqirements.