The Fusion 48kW Electric System Boiler is the perfect solution for a wet central heating system in Light Commercial Properties, Hotels and Guest Houses. This fully modulating, powerful, Electric Boiler has been engineered to include Twin Auto Air Vents, Dual Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers, Grundfos UPM3 Pump, Pressure Gauge, Flow & Return Temperature Sensors and Dual High Temperature Safety Cut-Outs.

Using conventional wet system radiators and valves the Boiler can be installed in any property type with 3-Phase Electricity to offer an effective and efficient heating solution.

The 48kW Fusion Electric Boiler can be supplied as boiler only or complete with a choice of Heat Packs and Unvented Cylinders. For larger output requirements, these boilers can be combined on a low loss header to increase the overall output which gives endless install solutions.

For more details on the Fusion 48kW boiler please contact The Electric Heating Company on 01698 820 533.