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Economy 10 Application Form

Help Notes:
Properties with Gas, LPG, Oil or Solid Fuel heating normally have a single rate Domestic Tariff.
Properties with Storage heating normally have an Economy 7 tariff.

Help Notes
If you are in arrears it is possible that your electricity supplier will not allow you to change to another supplier dependant on the arrears amount. Please check with your current supplier.
You will be able to change supplier when the arrears are cleared.
If your supplier will not allow you to change and you still wish to have the new heating system installed you should contact us on 01698 820533.

Help Notes
EHC Electric Heating systems benefit from the Economy 10 Tariff.
We would recommend that you change to a supplier offering the Economy 10 Tariff. The Economy 10 Tariff is currently supported by EDF and Scottish & Southern.
If your present supply is not with EDF we would recommend the Economy 10 Tariff offered by Scottish & Southern which is available in all mainland areas of the UK.
If you are an existing EDF customer you can contact them and request their version of the Economy 10 Tariff to coincide with your heating installation date. Please note that EDF do not provide A Key Meter facility for Economy 10.
If you are 59 or older you may wish to consider the Staywarm Tariff.
If you are still unsure and selected ‘Yes’ for further information, we will not arrange the Economy 10 Tariff on your behalf. We will make contact with you to provide the additional information that you require.

Help Notes
To organise the change to Economy10 we require your meter serial number(s).
If you have two meters we require both serial numbers.
A prepayment or key meter usually has the serial number underneath the barcode eg S07P0041.
Older type credit meters will typically have the serial number stamped on a steel plate within the meter.
If you have difficulty locating the serial number please
contact us on 01698 820533.