Customer Testimonials

“Please don’t take this to be condescending in any way but it was so refreshing to deal with someone who was efficient and willing to help especially when I really didn’t know what I was needing. Many thanks.”

Mrs J McCrossan

“I want to extend a massive thank you to you for being so proactive and so friendly about my issues. Considering I emailed you on a Sunday and you had the resolve to me by circa 9.19am on Monday I am very impressed.

Thank you again for the excellent customer service shown by you and the team. A client problem resolved quickly, easily and pleasantly. It’s almost a rarity these days.”

R Stacey, Wokingham

An ode to my lovely new bathroom radiator

A helpful young chap knocked at my door today

To deliver my radiator, of which I must say

Has thrilled me, the manufacturing quality superb

Purchased to keep toasty whilst soaking in my tub

I’m delighted with the colour RAL6019

The pale green restful & calming…..simply divine

So thank you so much from my Hubby and me

To the German engineers, Carole, and all at EHC

Joanne Greenwood, Retail Customer, North Yorkshire

“We are a medium sized independent Builders & Plumbers Merchant / Home Improvement Centre based in the Channel Islands and always looking for quality products to add to our portfolio and offer to our discerning customers. Quality is important on a contained Island market as word of mouth plays a large part in the success of our business.
We took on EHC in 2012 and , in a nutshell, “haven’t looked back”. The Comet range of boilers has proved very popular with installers and householders alike and is now being seen by developers as the perfect choice for their projects giving us many repeat sales. We have also received very favourable comments on their solar equipment.
Having reliable back-up is a major factor on island and to this end EHC have proved to be a top-rated supplier always quick to deal with any minor problems that may arise.
Speed of delivery is excellent, positive feedback from our customers is as good as 100%, and their support at trade shows and provision of display product has provided us as a supplier with all we could ask for.”

Kevin Brown, Precision Plastics (Guernsey) Limited

I am an installer of these modern, efficient electric radiators in Devon and Cornwall.

From experience, they are excellent heaters from an excellent company.

All the staff are very friendly and helpful. They are a pleasure to do business with.

Kevin Andrews, Installer, Cornwall

“I have recently received a call from the Housing Officer on behalf of the residents of x Court, wanting to pass her thanks on to Kevin.

She informed me that he has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process of the Total Care Package from start to finish and even afterwards.

Once again many thanks from the residents and from myself.”

Mr Thomas, ‘X’ Council, Lincolnshire

“Your guys have just been and I’d like to say how helpful, friendly and professional they both were. They are a credit to your company and made me feel reassured. Thank you for responding so quickly and for getting the issue fixed.”

K Kerr, West Lothian