Customer Care

EHC Customer Care

The Electric Heating Company is committed to providing our Customers with the best possible advice to reduce Energy Consumption and Running Costs. With our vast experience of the Electric Heating market over the last decade we have developed comprehensive Energy Efficient Products and ground breaking Customer Service Packages.

From initial enquiry to completed order we believe in focusing our attention on Customer Care. The personnel at The Electric Heating Company are approachable, very experienced and committed to ensuring you have the best available options when choosing your products.


EHC also offers a Total Care Package for large contract upgrades by visiting tenants / occupiers pre and post installation to assist them with their new heating system in order to ensure maximum economy & efficiency is acheived.

For all customers, our experienced staff will ensure they;

  • Understand your heating and/or hot water requirements and your lifestyle;
  • Carefully consider what EHC products would meet your requirements;
  • Where you require an installer to fit the chosen products, arranging for an EHC Accredited Installer to visit your property to quote for the installation and ensure that the Incoming Mains to the property has the capacity to operate the relevant products;
  • Provide basic advice on electricity Tariffs to consider for operating your chosen products;
  • Ensuring you understand how to operate and control the chosen product; and
  • Provision of basic advice on how to efficiently heat your home.
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