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Ceramic Radiators

Ceramic Radiators

All EHC Ceramic Radiators have internal heating tablets consisting of patented Magmatic Heat Retention Tiles. The Magmatic Tiles have heating conductors that are produced from high quality chrome-nickel steel (resistant to scaling up to 1100 °C) which are moulded into the Magmatic tablet.

The contacts inside the Radiators are protected with heat shrinkable insulated sleeves to ensure optimum safety. The Radiators contain at least Two thermocouples within each radiator to provide twin overheat protection for additional safety.

The Magmatic Heat Retention Tiles enable the Radiator to reach full Temperature within 30 minutes. Thereafter a 10 minute charge of Electricity will provide approximately 40 minutes of heat during the heating cycle dependant on Room Size and Property Insulation. This process is designed to minimise Energy Usage and Running Costs.

The range has been developed to provide a flexible solution for electric heating inDomestic properties, Conservatories, Holiday homes, Offices and any other temporary heating situation.
Our unique patented ’Magmatic’ heating tablets provide the heat source for your new radiator. Whilst the radiator is classed as a 100% efficient Direct Acting appliance, the heating tablets provide partial storage to prolong your heating comfort and to reduce running costs. The radiator has a robust body which incorporates a spot welded high fin surface area to ensure that there are no contraction noises during the heating cycle.
The high fin design boasts 6 times the normal radiator surface area to provide a balance of Convection and Radiant heat for your added comfort. The radiators can be simply plugged in to a Standard socket or Hard wired to an existing spur connection. The range has the flexability of being Wall mounted or free
standing on Castors or Feet.

EHC Radiator Benefits are:
Fully Controllable
Various outputs and sizes available, 500w-2400w
No maintenance required
15 year guarantee on radiator / 2 year guarantee on electronics
Radiators modulate to ensure room temperature is constant
100% efficient
All radiators are 70mm deep
No boiler required
Plug-in or fused spur
Wall hung, castors of feet stands
Simple replacement for storage heaters
Safe, clean and easy to operate
Fully controllable system