The Project

When Mrs Rodgers moved into her 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached Home she originally owned a solid fuel back boiler, which her local council replaced with a Ground Source Heat Pump. Ever since the Ground Source Heat Pump was installed, Mrs Rodgers had “nothing but issues” as the heating system often broke down, and in the event of a break down, it was extremely difficult to find an Engineer with the ability to fix it. This left the tenant enduring long periods of time without any heating or hot water.

The local council and Mrs Rodgers sought after a more reliable and cost effective method of heating which would provide a more comfortable heating experience.

The Solution

The Electric Heating Company supplied 8 German Electric Radiators which were installed into the property. Each German Electric Radiator was individually thermostatically controlled. A 2 Zone Programmer was also installed which allowed Mrs Rodgers to control the heating levels upstairs and downstairs separately.

A new fully insulated direct cylinder with a digital programmer was installed to allow greater control over hot water requirements.

The Benefits

Upgrading Mrs Rodger’s old system of ground source heat pumps to The Electric Heating Company’s German Electric Radiators drastically cut her bills from £45+ to approximately £25 per week. This is due to the added control that Mrs Rodger was given over her heating system. Being able to programme her heating system to come on at convenient times, instead of all the time, reduced her bills.

“From the moment our new radiators were installed we’ve experienced a much more controllable, comfortable and reliable heating system. With our GHSP our energy costs were £40 each week, which has now recued to around £25 per week. We love the flexibility to heat upstairs and downstairs separately due to the zoning of the heating system. Overall we’re delighted with our new heating system.” Julie Rodger, Tenant