Posted on 5th March 2021

Warm Air Heating In Homes Today

The advantages of Warm Air Heating are frequently overlooked as homes built over the last thirty years have generally tended to be by Gas or Oil-fired Boilers connected to wet system Radiators. Back in the 1950’s domestic Warm Air Heating had become the first popular residential heating system.

Now for many there is a need to replace aging gas fired Warm Air Heaters. This may be in a tower block or a single residential property. Unfortunately, many of the existing Warm Air Heaters are now obsolete and the replacement of them with a similar system can be difficult. This along with new regulations covering “flues in voids” and flues passing through another property reduces the options for replacement.

The Electric Heating Company can provide Specifiers, Installers or Social Landlords looking to replace old Warm Air Heating systems with the latest highly energy efficient technology may want to consider the advantages of an EHC Comet Electric Boiler & Aquair Heat Interface Unit (HIU). This is possibly the most unique and versatile HIU package available and will provide all the benefits that a centralised heating system can offer, but with a host of additional advantages.

A Boiler Aquair Package can replace any existing warm air heating system operating on any fuel be it Gas or Oil. The new package can fully utilise the existing warm air ducting system cutting down installation time and inconvenience. With no flue or condense pipes to consider installations are a first choice for flats or properties that previously shared flues.

Householders may prefer instantaneous hot water and would like to dispense with their water storage tank. It may be that some rooms are currently unheated and additional heating is required such as an extension. With an EHC Electric Boiler & Aquair Package it is possible to mix both Warm Air Heating and Radiators in one dwelling with the option of electronic air cleaning and summer air circulation.


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