Posted on 24th September 2017

The Great Big Energy Saving Challenge

We were delighted last week when we saw the BBC had a new show called ‘The Great Big Energy Saving Challenge’. The challenge was simple; cut your gas and electricity usage by 30% in just three weeks. With the help of energy saving experts such as Lucy Conway, who lives completely off grid on the Island of Eigg and Dr Alan Owen sustainability director from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, the residents of one street in Stonehaven, Scotland were put to work. The show really highlighted the extent to which a regular family in the UK uses energy inefficiently, and how by making a few minor changes we can all save ourselves some money.

This link from the BBC website has some fantastic tips We are particularly drawn to point number 2 in the list, ‘Get in Control’. One of the key benefits of EHC’s electric heating systems is that you are always in total control. Every unit is instantly controllable and offers complete room-by-room temperature control across the property. EHC also recommend the use of a room thermostat and for years have advocated the principle of only heating areas in your home that require heat.

The BBC did a great job of drawing attention to the increased costs of energy, and with a harsh winter ahead, rising energy bills are something that most families will just accept. However, you don’t have to. Electric Heating is a cost effective, future proof way of heating your home and there are a variety of benefits to be had. Find out more by clicking this link:

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