Posted on 19th June 2018

Solar PV Secondary Heating Success – Final Trial Results Now Available

The Electric Heating Company and Delta EE are delighted to announce the completion of Trials of their innovative EHC Solar PV Ready Radiator secondary heating solution (“the EHC solution”).

The nationwide Trials of the EHC Solution involved 27 properties in total and covered a 12 month period. The final report prepared by Delta EE has analysed the performance of the EHC Solution and found:

The EHC Solution increased PV self-consumption on average by 42%. Average estimated annual Bill Savings of £42.44 for properties with Gas Central Heating and carbon savings of 199kg. Average estimated annual Bill Savings of £185.87 for properties with all Electric Heating and carbon savings of 868kg. An average room temperature increase of 3°C for rooms which had the EHC Solution installed. Participant feedback extremely positive; ‘System is fantastic’; ‘Additional heat is a benefit’; ‘I feel the cold quite easily and now wouldn’t be without the system’

To read the report in full and the comprehensive data collected as part of the Trials, please see the following link.

This EHC solution involves two Solar PV Ready Radiators operating in conjunction with a smart control device that can divert excess electricity generated from Solar PV to these specially adapted Solar PV Ready Electric Heating Radiators. This Trials were conducted to determine if the EHC solution can;

increase utilisation of the Solar PV generation to achieve greater cost savings as Participants do not receive the Feed in Tariff for the generation; provide ‘free’ heating to those who might be Fuel Poor and do not operate their existing heating system; lift the base temperature of rooms where the Radiators are installed; demonstrate that Electric Heating can operate with Renewable Technologies and that real benefits can be achieved from such collaboration show this is a ‘future proof’ solution and with continuing Energy Tariff increases, the potential savings of the solution will become even more valuable.

The Trial Results show that such Electric Secondary Heating Solution can operate successfully with Renewables Technologies and real benefits can be achieved. With various UK Government and Industry schemes being focussed on technologies such Heat Pumps, Battery Storage and EV Chargers, EHC believe the UK Government should also give credence to Technologies such as this Solution which can also operate with Renewables and provide a real and immediate benefit to Households at a relatively low capital cost.

If you are interested in finding out more about this EHC Solution and the Trial Results, please do not hesitate to contact EHC on 01698 820 533 or email


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