Posted on 11th August 2017

Smart Electric Heating for a Smart Homes Future

With the UK Government’s Smart Meter roll out now well underway, considerable attention is now being given to Smart Homes. Regular advertising of new Smart Home related products, e.g. smart plugs, smart speakers, smart washing machines, by large online retailers is also drawing more attention to Smart Homes.

The Electric Heating Company have innovatively designed their electric radiators and electric heaters to be Smart Home ready.  The DSR Electric Combination Radiator and ecoSave Dynamic Electric Heater ranges already allow a homeowner to control when their electric central heating system operates and how it operates. Perfect for the consumer who wants modern electric heaters for their Smart Home.

DSR Electric Combination Radiator

The DSR Electric Combination Radiator enhances EHC’s premium range of German Electric Radiators by adding Wi-Fi control capability through a free App. This range of high quality smart electric radiators have been designed to look like conventional wet system radiators and operate using a series of Magmatic Storage tables with high quality chrome-nickel heating elements providing the heat source. The tablets heat up quickly and stores the heat generated which consequently warms the room.

The DSR Electric Combination Radiator has been designed specifically for the consumer who wants a modern electric radiator with Smart Home technology in built. When the DSR Electric Combination Radiator is used in conjunction with the DSR Smart Gateway, it allows users to communicate with the electric radiators direct via their computer, tablet or mobile. Users just need to download the free EHC App which gives them complete control on the time temperature and programming of the radiators with the ability to access the Electricity Monitor, Radiator Priority settings and Power Limited (if the Power Clamp has been purchased).

ecoSave Dynamic Electric Heater

The Ecosave Dynamic Heater has also been designed to meet the heating demands of the modern smart home. This range of smart electric heaters are styled to blend with any décor and include the latest innovations to enhance heating comfort and lower energy usage. The ecoSave Dynamic Electric Heaters are suitable as a heating solution for apartments, domestic dwellings, holiday homes and offices.

The Heating Elements and High Performance Heating Oil are housed within the sturdy aluminium body of the heater making the ecoSave one of the most efficient oil filled radiators available. Due to the modular construction and air flow outlets at the top of the heater these aluminium electric heaters benefit from fast heat up times and provides an even surface temperature with optimum convection through all heating cycles.

For ease of operation the easy-to-use digital programmable thermostat is located at the top of the heater. It will accurately control both time and temperature, is fully programmable 24/7 and offers comfort, economy, frost protection and on/off settings.

To convert your Smart Home Wi-Fi ready Ecosave Heater to an intelligent appliance that can be controlled anywhere, anytime you can install the EHC SmartHome Wi-Fi kit. The Ecosave Heater combined with the SmartHome Wi-Fi kit is ideal for Hotels, Student Accommodation and Properties for Let as all the Heaters can be fully controlled remotely.

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