Posted on 29th September 2017

LOT 20′ – EHC Are Ready for this New Regulation

On the 1st January 2018, a new regulation affecting “the ecodesign requirements for local space heaters” will be implemented. This derives from an EU Commission Regulation which was transposed into UK Law under the Energy Related Products Regulations (ERP) and is often referred to as ‘LOT 20’.


Any new local space heating system installed from this date onwards must be compliant with the new ‘LOT 20’ performance standards. The legislation is not retrospective, so existing systems in place will not be affected.


All EHC Electric Combination Radiators, DSR Electric Combination Radiators, DSR Visage Panel Heaters, EHC Glass Fronted Panel Visage Heaters, EHC Convecto Rad Panel Heaters, EHC Infrared Panel Heaters and ecoSave Dynamic Electric Heaters meet the definition of a ‘local space heater’ and must therefore be LOT 20 compliant from 1 January 2018.


What is the aim of ‘LOT 20’?

The EU say the primary aim for LOT 20 is to reduce our energy consumption through accurate management. They say the key to this is to modernise electric heating appliances and minimise wasted energy. The scenario is similar to the directive a few years ago, when our light bulbs were changed for the new energy saving versions.


The objectives of LOT 20 will be driven by using intelligent timers, controls and sensors. Standard on/off heating appliances without such controls will no longer be compliant and manufacturers and distributors will no longer be able to sell these.


How will a heater be ‘LOT 20’ compliant?

To be LOT 20 compliant, heaters will in general now need to include 3 key features:

24/7 time and temperature control, either built in or through wireless/WIFI APP. Electronic thermostatic control for accurate room temperature measurement. Open window/door recognition so the heater can reduce usage if the user leaves a door or window open reducing the room temperature rapidly. Some radiators will have a have a smart start facility included, which allows the heater to choose the time it engages to bring the room up to the required temperature set by the user.


All heaters must also meet a minimum seasonal space heating energy efficiency requirement too.


What EHC products are LOT 20 compliant?

All EHC products will be LOT 20 compliant as of 1 January 2018.


The following EHC products are already LOT 20 compliant:

DSR Electric Combination Radiators DSR Visage Panel Heaters DSR Convecto Rad Heaters ecoSave Dynamic Electric Heaters


If you have any questions on how this new regulation might affect you, your Customers or your Tenants, please do not hesitate to contact the EHC Sales team on 01698 820 533 or email

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