Posted on 23rd June 2022

Is an Electric Heating System Compatible with Solar Power?

The dream for most would be to heat our homes comfortably, efficiently and inexpensively; whilst also reducing our carbon footprint. If you have the financial capabilities and the desire to go green with your energy, this vision is very possible.

Whether using solar or wind-powered energy, households have the potential to generate power from the sun to help heat their electric radiators and warm their homes comfortably for most of the year.

Read below to find out how Solar panels work with electric radiators and whether they could be an excellent option for you.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels are typically installed on the roof of our homes and use the energy from the sun to power our electrical appliances, including the tv, the kettle and your electric

The electricity that is produced is free, and no carbon is released during the production process, which is great for our environment and reduces our carbon footprint.

If you are considering having Solar panels installed, you will need to assess your home to make sure your property and roof are suitable – e.g. does your roof have enough space and is it strong
enough to bear the weight of Solar panels. A south-facing roof is ideal as this will generate the most energy. However, East and West facing roofs are also acceptable.

Although Solar panels absorb the sunlight, you will also require a solar inverter as this converts the direct current (DC) to an alternating current (AC) that is usable within your home.

How Solar Panels work with Electric Radiators

The energy generated from solar panels can be paired with any electric appliance in your home, and this includes electric radiators.

The solar inverter converts the DC electricity and generates it into AC which is then fed back into the mains of your home. This green energy can then be used to charge your phone, run
your washing machine, and power your electric radiator to heat your home.

For an average-sized three-bedroom home, a 5kW solar array is typically required (although this can vary depending on several factors). A 5kW solar array could generate as much as 20kWh on a good sunny day which would contribute to heating your home and running your appliances.

Naturally, there is less sunlight during the winter months, and therefore less energy is generated – you will also use more of your available energy to heat your homes. Depending on a number of
factors (where you live, the orientation of your roof, whether your home is well insulated or not), it may mean that you will have to use more energy from the mains grid to heat your home during the winter months.

Which Electric Radiators are best?

Over the years, electric radiator technology has come a long way and are now available in different sizes and designs and optimised as energy-efficient as possible. Electric radiators are a great way of heating your home with a combination of solar panels due to their incredibly low maintenance design and, most importantly, are an excellent alternative for our environment.

We have a wide range of electric radiators at the Electric Heating Company, from our popular DSR Edge Heaters to our DSR Heat Retention Radiators, to suit your green home needs.

Chat with us today to find out which electric radiator would be the best fit for your home.

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