Posted on 26th September 2017

Introducing Electric Boiler & Cylinder Heat Packs

With a significant increase in the awareness of electric boilers for wet central heating systems many heating engineers are genuinely considering this type of system as a feasible replacement where natural gas is not available or there are issues with concealed gas flues. Around 10% of the UK household use electricity to heat their homes. Many systems will be antiquated storage heating offering no time or temperature controllability and running costs that do not reflect on the heating or quality of heating trying to be achieved.

An electric boiler on a wet central heating system presents all the controllability that a gas fired central heating system offers. Using standard pipe-work, conventional steel radiators and thermostatic radiator valves the boiler, being 100% efficient and fully modulating, will take the same amount of time to heat the property. As no flue is involved and no gas analysis is required the installation of the system will be a lot quicker than that of a gas boiler.

When an electric boiler is used for heating a property there will also be a requirement for domestic hot water. Although electric instantaneous water heaters are available, if the property has a bath then it is likely that a hot water cylinder is required.

Therefore the installation of an electric boiler and cylinder is really no different to that of a gas system boiler and cylinder. The Electric Heating Company recognise that “Time is Money” and as such have developed Electric Boiler & Cylinder Heat Packs that incorporate all the necessary components (with the exception of radiators, radiator valves and pipe-work) for a complete electric heating & hot water system. Electric Boilers are available up to 14.4Kw and either direct or indirect Stainless Steel Cylinders up to 300 litres.

The future of heating is electric as the reserves of the UK’s natural gas diminish and the relative increase in gas prices continues to be greater than that of electricity. As the development of renewable electricity through low carbon electricity sources such as Solar, Hydro, Wind and Wave technology increases, and progress is made on clean coal technology, electricity will be the green fuel of the future.

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