Posted on 16th September 2021

How to maximise energy from your solar panels all year round

If you have a Solar PV system installed in your property, did you know that you could lose up to 70% of the electricity you generate if your appliances aren’t using it up? Suddenly your new, green system isn’t saving you as much money as you thought! But there is a simple solution.

EHC’s immerSUN Intelligent Controller minimises the amount of power you are exporting back to the grid, and maximises its usage in your home. By combining this clever controller with one of our Electric Solar PV Combination Radiators you can heat your home intelligently – using power that might have been ‘wasted’ before!

The Intelligent Controller is an energy management system that diverts electricity generated by your Solar PV Panels to our Solar PV Ready Electric Radiators and Neptune Hot Water Cylinders. This provides your family with Hot Water and a reliable secondary heat source for those hard to heat areas of your home.

We can help you to make the most out of your solar panels, even if you already have a gas central heating system. You can keep up to 100% of the power generated as hot water or heat your Solar PV Ready Radiators, and the intelligent system will control when your central heating is needed and when the house is already being warmed by the electricity you’ve generated.

The best part is, you will still receive your full feed-in tariff while reducing your energy costs! You receive an Export Tariff annually which is based on the estimate that 50% of the power you generated was exported to the grid, even if you use 100% of the power you generate!

The intelligent controller monitors energy travelling to and from the grid, ensuring all unused electricity goes directly into the home. If the demand from other appliances within the house increases, the controller reduces the amount of energy sent to heating and hot water sources, ensuring further cost savings.

To find out more about EHC’s immerSUN Intelligent Controller and Solar PV ready electric combination radiators, get in touch.

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