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Posted on 19th October 2023

Electric Radiators: A Heating Solution in the UK to tackle Cost of Living and Energy Crisis


In recent times, the world has been grappling with two significant crises that have put immense pressure on households: the cost of living crisis and the energy crisis. Skyrocketing energy prices, coupled with inflation, have led to a growing sense of unease and financial strain for many families. However, amidst these challenges, electric radiators have emerged as a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution that can help individuals weather the storm. In this article, we’ll explore how electric radiators can serve as a beacon of hope during these crises.

1. Energy Efficiency

The Electric Heating Company Electric radiators are known for their exceptional energy efficiency. They can provide reliable heating without wasting energy, thanks to modern technology and innovative features. Unlike traditional heating systems, electric radiators do not produce heat by burning fuel. Instead, they convert electricity into heat with near-perfect efficiency. This means that the energy consumed is almost entirely converted into warmth, reducing energy waste and costs.

2. Localised Heat and Programmable Controls

Electric Heating Company’s Electric radiators come equipped with advanced zoning and programmable controls. This allows you to heat specific rooms or areas only when needed, which can substantially reduce your overall energy consumption resulting in cheaper energy bills. For example, you can program the radiators to heat your living room in the evening when you’re home, and reduce or turn off the heat in unoccupied rooms during the day. This level of control can lead to significant savings in energy costs.

3. Room-to-Room Heating

With castors or radiator feet, you can easily move your electric radiator from one room to another, directing the heat precisely where it’s required. This approach is far more energy-efficient than heating your entire house with a central heating system. Instead of heating unused spaces, you can focus on the areas that you want to keep warm.

4. Reduced Heat Loss

Traditional heating systems, such as central heating, often result in heat loss as warm air is pushed through ducts or pipes over long distances. In contrast, electric radiators provide direct heat where it’s needed, minimising heat loss. This means you don’t have to heat your entire home just to stay comfortable in one room. Electric radiators are particularly efficient in apartments and smaller homes where you don’t want to heat empty or seldom-used spaces.

5. Lower Installation Costs

Electric radiators offer a cost-effective heating solution in terms of installation. They don’t require complex plumbing or ductwork, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, you can install electric radiators quickly and easily, often without the need for professional assistance. This simplicity can result in significant upfront savings compared to the installation of traditional heating systems.

6. Instant Heat

Electric radiators provide instant heat, so there’s no need to wait for the system to warm up. This is especially valuable during the cold winter months when you want to stay warm and comfortable without delay. By providing immediate warmth, electric radiators can reduce the need to keep the heating system running constantly, thus helping you save on energy costs.

7. Renewable Energy Integration

As the world shifts towards more sustainable energy sources, electric radiators can easily integrate with renewable energy systems such as solar panels or wind turbines. This means you can harness the power of renewable energy to heat your home, further reducing your reliance on costly fossil fuels and mitigating the effects of the energy crisis.



The cost of living crisis and the energy crisis have undoubtedly placed a heavy burden on households. In such challenging times, electric radiators offer an innovative and energy-efficient solution to help alleviate some of the financial strain. With their energy efficiency, zoning capabilities, reduced heat loss, lower installation costs, instant heat, and compatibility with renewable energy sources, electric radiators are a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to reduce their energy expenses and combat the rising costs of living. By investing in electric radiators, you not only save money but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. Give The Electric Heating Company a call today and let us help you achieve net-zero instantaneous heat.


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