Posted on 21st January 2020

EHC Developer’s Collection

Electric heating is continually becoming an increasingly viable option for heating properties in the UK. New Government legislation heralds a change in how SAP determines a properties ERP Rating – to almost the same as gas. This change allows widespread use of electric radiators and electric boilers, which are widely understood as having low installation costs, no flue requirement, low maintenance, rapid heat up times and high efficiency. This modern method of heating is shaping up to be the future of home heating within the UK.

Specifying an electric heating solution for housing, student accommodation, social housing and private rental properties can be a time consuming and difficult task. Each project includes unique regulations, requirements, budget and time constraints – Which means there is no single solution which can cover all projects. With so many electric heating solutions available, it can be hard to choose the perfect heating system.

Whether you are specifying a heating system to meet building regulations or providing an energy efficient upgrade, the Electric Heating Company can provide an efficient and effective solution. Using vast levels of knowledge and experience, we have developed our product portfolio to accommodate almost any central heating and hot water requirement.

A combination of our range of quality electric heating products and our professional heat design service can streamline the specification process. Our Internal Specification Specialists provide comprehensive support to specifiers, architects, housebuilders and heating contractors. On receipt of scaled drawings, room dimensions, windows, insulations and construction U values, the professional design team will provide necessary heat loss calculations required for your project. The detailed bespoke design outlines which specified products are required and all designs include costings, dimensions, weight, and warranty information. To quickly and easily upload your scale drawings, visit

The ever-increasing volume of property developer enquiries has urged the Electric Heating Company to develop our new Developer Collection Brochure. The brochure provides useful insights into the services that EHC offer, alongside our most popular products among property developers such as:

Fusion Astro Electric Combi Boiler

Fusion Astro Electric Combi Boilers are suitable for properties with a shower and hot water outlets for sinks. With no flue requirements, the boiler rapidly provides heating and domestic hot water.

Comet Combination Unit

The Comet Electric Combination Unit offers the comfort and convenience of wet central heating and domestic hot water for properties with no access to mains gas. It is a fully controllable unit housed within an enclosure, available in 9kW, 12kW and 14.4kW outputs with a 144L internal hot water storage cylinder.

SlimJim Electric Boiler

The compact design of the SlimJim Electric Flow Boiler makes it ideal for heating applications where space is at a premium. The Slim Jim is a fully controllable Electric Flow Boiler which is designed to maximise cupboard space.

Comet Electric Boiler

Comet Electric System Boilers are designed to eliminate unnecessary external plumbing and pipe work. They are the ideal choice for wet central heating and underfloor heating systems.


Solaris Panel Heater

The Solaris is a modern, slim, stylish and carefully sized Convector Heater which has been designed with a gentle curved front that will enhance any room within the home whilst providing a quick and responsive heating experience.

Edge Panel Heater

The Edge is a traditional Convector Heater which has been designed with a gentle curved profile on each side of the Heater. It is manufactured using high grade 100% recyclable Aluminium. It produces heat on demand and with the modular construction of the Heater it cycles airflow and emits heat throughout the room.

DSR Visage Panel Heater

The Visage Panel Heater utilises the perfect balance of convection and radiated heat which in turn warms both you and the room. The aluminium heating element located within the Heater provides fast-acting convected heat, before warming the Magmatic Ceramic Tablets inside the Heater. It is available in any RAL Colour of your choosing.

To view the new EHC Developer Brochure – Click here.

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