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Posted on 3rd April 2021

DSR Visage Electric Panel Heaters – Stylish App Controllable Electric Heating

Visage Electric Panel Heater

This stylish range of DSR Visage electric panel heaters can be manually controlled for both Time and Temperature 24/7. They have also been designed to be Wi-Fi ready, allowing users to communicate with the product via their computer, tablet or mobile. Users simply need to purchase the optional Gateway and download the easy-to-use EHC Smart APP which gives them complete control of the time, temperature and programming of the Radiators either individually or collectively at the same time. Users can also access the Electricity Power Limiter, Electricity Monitor and Radiator Priority settings which help control the amount of power their heating uses at any time.



The DSR Visage Electric Panel Heater is suitable for Domestic Heating purposes and has been designed to have a stylish designer look which is suitable for Domestic Properties, Hotels or Apartments as they are robust and reliable in operation. The outer casing of the heater is manufactured using high-grade steel which is zinc coated to prevent rusting and then powder coated to provide a lasting enamelled finish which is supported by the company’s 5-year warranty.


The DSR Visage Panel Heater has a magmatic heat retention tablet positioned horizontally across the middle of the radiator, above the high-quality aluminium heating element. The heat rises off the element and passes through the radiator heating the tablet. The heating elements are designed to prevent corrosion, provide long life durability and heat up quickly whilst the tablets store some of the heat generated which consequently warms the room.


When the DSR Visage Electric Panel Heaters have achieved their required temperature, the thermostat will cut the power to the heater. This process enables the heaters to modulate and maintain a constant room temperature to minimise energy use and running costs. For end user protection, all contacts within the radiator are fully protected with heat shrinkable insulated sleeves and twin thermocouples which provide overheat protection.

visage heater internals

High standards

The DSR Visage Electric Panel heaters are produced in Germany to the highest quality standards and meet the rigorous Approvals for both UK and European legislation and are available in a range of outputs suited to all types of properties with no access to mains gas.

Visage Electric Panel Heater

Available in various sizes and with outputs up to 2000 watt, the heaters are supplied with an installation kit for wall fixing installations. The DSR Visage Electric Panel Heaters are also designed to be IP24 splash proof to enable installation in bathrooms and wet areas.

Each heater has 1.5m of cable complete with UK three-pin plug for quick installation and operation however they may be spur wired. All DSR Visage Electric Panel Heaters are supplied in white RAL 9003 however they are available, upon request, in any of the 900 colours from the RAL chart to suit your décor.


Open window feature

The DSR Visage Panel Heaters also have a unique “Open Window” feature which will detect if there is a significant temperature drop in the surrounding area within a short period of time. If such a drop is detected, the radiator will switch off, preventing energy wastage and the costs that come with it.

visage smart app controlled


Using the APP

The DSR Visage Electric Panel Heater has been designed to be Wi-Fi ready, allowing users to communicate with the product via their computer, tablet or mobile when they purchase the optional DSR Gateway. Users just need to download the free EHC APP which gives them complete control on the Time, Temperature and Programming of the radiators with the ability to access the Electricity Power Limiter, Electricity Monitor and Radiator Priority settings.

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