Posted on 25th October 2021

DSR Radiators

The Electric Heating Company developed the DSR Electric Radiator, which is a high end, precision engineered product. Using our expert knowledge, we designed this product with both the installer and homeowner in mind, and as such all controls used within our products are contemporary and user friendly.

Our DSR Electric Radiators are designed to comply with the latest building regulations and domestic heating compliance guide as it can be installed as a fully controllable system.

To help the installer and homeowner understand and utilize the full capabilities of our DSR Electric Radiator for the most comfortable heating experience, some of the control features are listed below:

24/7 Built-in Digital Programmable Controls

Each heater can be programmed as an individual standalone unit using the built-in Digital Time & Temperature Programmer. The program supports a 7-day heating cycle with 1 hour time increments with the ability to utilise three different temperature profiles. If simplicity is what you are after then just switch to the manual Digital thermostat screen where you can increase or decrease the temperature manually to suit your comfort level.

The 7 day programmer can be setup in 4 easy steps;

Set your chosen temperature for each of the three temperature profiles Navigate to the program setup screen Adjust each hour increment with your chosen temperature profile for that period, continue this for each of the 7 days Set the real-time clock and press Ok to save your heating cycle. 

DSR Internet/Wi-Fi Control

When you connect your DSR Electric Radiator to a DSR Smart Gateway, you can control your DSR Electric Radiator wirelessly using our mobile app “DSR Control System”, which is available for iOS & Android devices. On our DSR Control System app, you can programme your radiators, or groups, to turn on at certain times, up to a maximum of 30 radiators can be connected to a single gateway. Alternatively, you can log in online using our online portal on the EHC website using any laptop or desktop. This gives the ability to control your heating with maximum flexibility from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Power Load Shedding Setting

Another interesting feature is the Power Load Shedding Setting, which is very useful in situations where there is a limited power supply within the property or you just want to keep your energy consumption to an absolute minimum. You can assign a maximum power limit to whichever value you desire, and the radiator system will automatically be adjusted depending on the preset limit. The Power Load Shedding setting also provides the ability to set a heating priority for each heater to low, medium, or high. Setting a heating priority to your DSR Electric Radiators will determine which order your DSR Radiators will shut down if there is insufficient power to heat all DSR Electric Radiators at the same time due to the property exceeding the maximum power limit.

Open Window Feature

The DSR Electric Radiator also has an ‘Open Window Feature’ which is built into the control system. The Open Window Feature causes your DSR Electric Radiator to automatically switch off for 30 Minutes if the room temperature drops by 2.4 degrees in any 4 minute period, saving you energy and money. You can override this feature easily by pressing any button on the radiator’s controls to return the radiator to its original settings.

Amazon Alexa Compatibility

At EHC, we have been working hard to deliver you smarter heating by making our DSR Radiators Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. If you connect your DSR Electric Radiator with Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot, you can use various voice commands to adjust the temperature of your home without leaving the comfort of your couch. For example, if you say “Alexa, ask heating control to set the house to 22 degrees”, your home will adjust to 22 degrees.

Self-Adaptive Control

With this feature activated the radiator system will learn what time it should switch on to achieve the desired room temperature.

The heaters will monitor the room temperatures over 10 days to establish how quickly the home reaches your temperature setting.  The operating system uses this information to switch the heaters on at the correct time in advance to achieve your specific temperature setting at your requested time making your home comfortable when you want it to be. 


This smart feature simply works by using geo-fence technology where the user defines a perimeter at a set range around their property, when the device carrying the DSR Control App enters or leaves the specified perimeter the Geo-fence feature is triggered and automatically increases or decreases the room temperatures. From within the DSR Control App, the geo-fence zone can be set to a radius around your home from 150 metres to 1000 metres.



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