Posted on 27th July 2022

Busting the Myths on Electric Heating

Electric heating is outdated, expensive, and there is just no demand for it, right? Wrong!

We have taken a look at some of the misconceptions associated with electric heating, keep on reading to find out more.

1 – Isn’t electric heating outdated?

Ten years ago, we might have been inclined to have agreed that electric systems were outdated. However, over the last few years, product innovation has come on leaps and bounds, and there is now a new generation of electric boilers and electric radiators available on the market that are efficient, convenient and perform like never before.
Electric products such as our DSR Edge Electric Heaters are innovative and intelligent. They can be wirelessly linked to our EHC Smart App Gateway to control the time and temperature of your heating effortlessly, anywhere, anytime.

2 – There is a lack of control over electric heating systems!

This would have been the case in previous years, with some heating systems only having simple on and off control systems available. Still, like most technology, electric heating systems and appliances have now moved on.

For example, many of our products, such as our DSR Visage Heater, come with an easy to use, state of the art DSR controller to manage both time and temperature
effortlessly, either manually or wirelessly, which has been designed to help reduce energy bills and maximise user controllability.


3 – There just isn’t any demand for electric heating

We hate to break it to you, but electric heating is on the rise, and many homeowners across the UK have outdated heating systems. Additionally, over 2 million households in the UK do not have access to mains gas, and a vast number of other properties can not use gas due to flue restrictions on older/listed buildings. For this reason, electric boilers and heaters are a popular and growing alternative to gas heating.

With the UK committed to reducing emissions to zero by 2050, and plans for a gas boiler ban from 2025 will only increase the demand for electric heating.


4 – Electric heating systems are too expensive for homeowners!

There is no denying right now that electric heating per kW compared to gas is, in fact, more expensive, but, in general, electric heating systems are more affordable and
cheaper to install overall and require less maintenance. Using an intelligent electric heating system will allow users to only heat the rooms they require, which in the long run will cost significantly less than using a gas central heating system which generally heats several rooms at once. Electric heatering systems are also more efficient. If you pay for 1kW of electricity, you will
benefit from 1kW of heat, whereas most research suggests that gas boilers, at peak efficiency, are roughly only 90 percent effective.

It’s also worth noting that although at this time, electric per Kw is more expensive to generate, price projections indicate that the cost of gas is expected to increase, and the production is expected to decrease.

The advances in electric heating systems technology allow us to have greater control over our heaters, how we use them, and how much we spend on heating our homes. Electric heating is undoubtedly well placed for the future.

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