Are Electric Radiators better than Storage Heaters?

Electric Radiators have quickly become a popular solution for heating homes throughout the United Kingdom, and with many good reasons. Gone are the days where Electric Radiators were used to compliment an existing heating system, today’s homeowners are choosing electric radiators as their primary source of heating. We would like to explain the benefits of EHC Electric Radiators and why we believe that Electric Radiators are an effective alternative to outdated storage heaters.

There a few things that you need to be aware of when considering storage heaters. Of course there are advantages as well as disadvantages, however you will come to understand that the negatives outweigh the positives.


Storage Heaters tend to be bulky and unattractive to the eye. This is near impossible for manufacturers to overcome as they need to be built in this way in order to store heat. This can cause difficulties if you have limited wall & floor space, as Storage Heaters require feet supports as the wall alone will not be strong enough to hold the weight.

Misleading night time tariff

Most homeowners choose storage heaters with the belief that they will have lower running costs due to the cheap night-time tariff, Economy 7. This was a good idea at first, but over time this tariff changed and although you are saving money with a cheaper night-time tariff, the day-time tariff is much more expensive. This means that depending on your usage, any initial savings made could be lost by electricity being used during the remaining hours of the day.

Reduced control

Storage Heaters are very limited when it comes to control. Your room will often be cold, as storage heaters can only hold a certain amount of heat, and after the storage heater has dispersed all the stored heat it will not be able to operate. On the other side of the coin, your room could be too hot when you don’t require extra heat.

EHC Modern Electric Radiators

The Electric Heating Company offer a comprehensive range of electric radiators and heaters to accommodate almost any heating requirement. Our Electric Radiators come in all shapes and sizes, slim and vertical and in any colour of the RAL Chart. This allows for a stylish addition for any room regardless of size.

Revolutionary Technology

Our Electric Radiators & Heaters have been packed full of intelligent features to improve your way of life.

All products within the range have a built in Wi-Fi Capability which can be activated when paired with a Smart Gateway. This will allow you to control your heaters anytime, anywhere 24/7 using our free bespoke app.

The DSR Control App has many other features designed to enhance your comfort levels and provide essential information regarding your heating system. monitor your energy usage and optionally limit power consumption to avoid exceeding the maximum power available.

Each heater has its own in-built state of the art, easy to use, digital time & temperature programmer which can be controlled manually, and a keypad lock facility which will prohibit any un-authorised changes. Ideal for holiday lets or properties with young children.

When you are choosing a heating system that is energy efficient, easy to use and perhaps most important of all, cost-effective, then the Electric Heating Company is the clear choice. To learn more email us at, or call us on 01698 820533. Please get in touch with us today.