48kW Electric System Fusion Boiler

  • No flue required
  • No fumes and no risk of explosion
  • 100% efficient

  • Economic running costs
  • Virtually silent in operation
  • Can provide central heating only or central heating & hot water
  • Can be used for under floor heating
  • No annual safety certificate required
  • 24 hour controllability
  • Multiple fail-safes fitted in unit
  • LED indicators show status of operation

The 48kW Electric System Fusion Boiler is the perfect solution for a wet central heating system in Light Commercial Properties, Hotels, Guest Houses and large properties with 3-Phase Electricity. This fully modulating, powerful Electric Fusion Boiler has been engineered to include Fully Insulated Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers, Twin Auto Air Vents, Grundfos UPM3 Pump, Pressure Gauge, Flow & Return Temperature Sensors and Dual High Temperature Safety Cut-Outs. Using conventional wet system radiators and valves the Fusion Boiler can be installed in any property type with 3-Phase Electricity to offer an effective and efficient heating solution. The 48kW Electric System Boiler can be supplied with a choice of Heat Packs and Unvented Cylinders. For larger output requirements, these boilers can be combined on a low loss header to increase the overall output which gives endless install solutions.

Rated Power ConsumptionkW48
Rated Voltage V400
Rated CurrentA3 x 69.5
Fuse Rated CurrentA80
Min. connecting wires cross sectionmm²5 x 16
Max. connecting wire cross sectionmm²5 x 50
Maximum network impedanceΩ0.03
Dimensionsmm815 x 503 x 197
Inlet and outlet section1″ BSP
Outflowing water temp.ºC40 ÷ 85
Maximum water tempºC100
Max. pressure Bar3.0
Minimum pressureBar1
Safety ClassIP21

Note; On a pressurised system installation a suitably sized external expansion vessel must be installed.

Due to the proven reliability of our electric boilers we have no hesitation in offering a 2-year warranty for both Parts and Labour. EHC also offer Extended Warranty that will extend the cover of the product for up to 5 years from date of purchase.