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36kW Fusion Electric System Boiler

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  • No flue required
  • No fumes and no risk of explosion
  • 100% efficient

  • Economic running costs
  • Virtually silent in operation
  • Can provide central heating only or central heating & hot water
  • Can be used for under floor heating
  • No annual safety certificate required
  • 24 hour controllability
  • Multiple fail-safes fitted in unit
  • LED indicators show status of operation

The Fusion 36kW Electric System Boiler is the perfect solution for a wet central heating system in Light Commercial Properties, Hotels, Guest Houses and large properties with 3-Phase Electricity. Using conventional wet system radiators and valves the Fusion 36kW Boiler can be installed in any property type with 3-Phase Electricity to offer an effective and efficient heating solution. Silent in operation with no flue required the boiler can also be installed with an underfloor
heating system. It can be supplied with a choice of Heat Packs and Unvented Cylinders. For larger output requirements, boilers can be combined on a low loss header to increase the overall output which gives endless install solutions.

Rated Power Consumption kW 36
Rated Voltage  V 400
Rated Current A 3 x 52.1
Fuse Rated Current A 63
Min. connecting wires cross section mm² 5 x 16
Max. connecting wire cross section mm² 5 x 50
Maximum network impedance Ω 0.09
Dimensions mm 700 x 420 x 285
Weight kg 25
Inlet and outlet section  mm 22
Outflowing water temp. ºC 40 ÷ 85
Maximum water temp ºC 100
Max. pressure  Bar 3.0
Minimum pressure Bar 1
Internal expansion vessel  Litre 6

Note; On a sealed pressurised system installation an additional suitably sized expansion vessel will be required.

Due to the proven reliability of our products we have no hesitation in offering a 2-year warranty for both Parts and Labour. EHC also offer Extended Warranty that will extend the cover of the product for up to 5 years from date of purchase.