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Energy efficiency and controllability; just two of the many requirements consumers demand from their heating system. The ecoSAVE Dynamic electric heater meets these requirements and more.

Efficient design and build
The ecoSave electric heater is;

  • a 100% energy efficient oil filled electric radiator which incorporates the latest technology to allow 24/7 Wi-Fi time and temperature controllability through a free App.
  • Constructed from 100% recyclable light weight aluminium which is also the best material for transmitting heat.
  • To increase efficiency further these heaters have the ability of self learning & open window sensing technology.

A high quality product the ecoSave heater has a high grade aluminium body which houses a high performance heating oil and heating elements.

A versatile range of heater available in 5 outputs; from 500watt to 1500watt.

Body of the ecoSave electric heater is covered by a 10-year guarantee and the internal electronics are covered by a 2-year guarantee.



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Wifi Remote Control

All ecoSave Dynamic Electric Heaters have an inbuilt digital 24/7 time and temperature control option. However, a simple upgrade can allow you to control your ecoSave Dynamic Electric Heater via WiFi and our free EHC Smart APP.

Upgrade your ecoSave radiator system with our Smart App Gateway to provide you with fully automated control of your heating system when at home or away. From the App the user can program and control each heater individually or send the same command to all heaters at the same time.

Each heater can be monitored individually providing the user with current room temperature, requested room temperature, and real time power consumption of the heater. The App also allows the user to prioritise a chosen heater over another in the property. An additional option for the gateway is the power clamp which provides the user with overall power consumption of the property. The power clamp also allows the user to set a maximum power consumption limit for the property, thus allowing automatic shut down of certain heaters when a high power appliance switches on.



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