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Over recent years there has been a significant increase in the demand for Renewable Technology.

Solar Thermal Heating for Domestic Hot Water purposes has been at the forefront of this increasing market. With the benefit of radiation from the sun EHC Solar collectors transfer as much energy as possible which in turn will indirectly heat water within the Solar Cylinder. Ideally they will be mounted on a south facing roof which receives direct sunlight for most of the day. They can easily be integrated with other heating systems to meet the additional hot water requirements during the winter months.

Solar Thermal Panels can heat almost 100% of water during the summer months and save more than 50% of annual electricity costs for domestic hot water throughout the year. They can reduce CO2 emissions on an average domestic system by up to 400kg per year – this will depend on the fuel being replaced.

Solar Energy Contribution

The table below shows the typical annual percentage of hot water achieved using our solar collectors, based on figures for London.

renewables graph

We offer a number of installation options including surface-mounted frames for pitch or flat roofs and A-frames. Solar thermal systems need to be installed with a twin coil hot water cylinder. EHC supply a range of Solar Cylinders from 180 litres up to 300 litres.

Our Technical Team will advise you of the correct mounting kit and cylinder size to suit your project requirements.

Please note that MCS Installers must complete your installation to ensure that you are eligible for Grant Funding.

EHC Solar Flat Plate Collectors

All EHC Collectors are produced using the latest technology to include the following features and benefits:

  • Absorber plate is manufactured using “Blue Tec eta plus” coating ensuring the highest level of solar radiation conversion. Coefficients: absorption 95%, emission: 5%
  • Advanced ultrasonic welding technology is used to attach the copper plate absorber to the copper pipes
  • Highest efficiency of thermal energy transfer guaranteed
  • High quality prismatic solar glass to improve the effectiveness of radiation permeability
  • Sealed housing is made of powder painted aluminium sheet to ensure long term durability of collector structure
  • Thermal insulation is made of condensed mineral rock wool to minimise the thermal loss
  • Collector construction elements are made of durable materials (copper, aluminium)
  • 10 year warranty for peace of mind.


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