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Instantaneous Water Heaters

As a result of the ever increasing popularity of Electric Heating products  there has been a demand for alternative Hot Water  solutions.

Whether installed as an integrated or stand alone system,the EHC Electric Water Heaters offer a unique solution in properties with minimal hot water requirements.

Using the same technology as the Fusion boiler these high quality products will provide you with reliability and comfort for many years to come.

Amicus Instantaneous Water Heater

amicus 4kw

The Electric Under Sink appliance is ideal for properties with minimal Hot Water requirements. It is possible to connect this unit to two sinks located next to each other for the purpose of hand washing however they should not be utilised at the same time.

The Amicus boasts the following benefits:

  •  Mains Pressure appliance it can be connected to any tap outlet with low flow inserts
  • Temperature modulation is achieved but adjusting the flow regulating valve. Ÿ
  • Fine stream spray head guarantees use and up to 50% energy
  • Available in 4kW & 6kW models
TypeAmicus 4kWAmicus 6kW
Rated PowerkW46
Rated Voltage240V240V
Rated CurrentA16.725.0
Fuse Rated CurrentA2032
Min. connecting wires sectionmm²6.06.0
Efficiency (at 30C/84F temp. rise)l/min2.92.9
Supply water pressureMPa0.12÷0.600.12÷0.60
Dimensionsmm209 x 229 x 87209 x 229 x 87
Inlet and outlet sectionGz ½”Gz ½”
Distance between inlet and outletmm~110~110
Safety classIP24IP24

Bonus Instantaeneous Water Heater

Bonus Instantaneous Water Heater

The Bonus electronic Instantaneous Water Heater is designed with State of Art technology to supply single and multiple outlets. This powerful heater will provide Hot Water solutions for Sinks and Showers. It can also be combined with both Solar Powered and Heat Pump systems.

The Electronic Control system within the unit enables you to select the required temperature between 30 ˚C to 60 ˚C. The unit will also modulate dependant on flow rate and incoming supply temperature.

Via the Priority switch the unit can be installed in conjunction with another high current device without creating electricity load issues.

The 9kw Bonus is suitable for supplying sink outlets and the 12kw will happily supply sink outlets and a mixer shower however multiple outlets should not be utilised at the same time

TypeBonus Electronic 9kWBonus Electronic 12kW
Rated PowerkW912
Rated Voltage240V~240V~
Rated CurrentA37.550.0
Fuse Rated CurrentA5063
Min. connecting wires sectionmm²1016
Efficiency (at 30C/84F temp. rise)l/min4.85.8
Supply water pressureMPa0.1÷0.60.1÷0.6
Dimensionsmm440 x 245 x 120440 x 245 x 120
Inlet and outlet sectionGz ½”Gz ½”
Distance between inlet and outletmm~100~100
Safety classIP24IP24

Twister Over Sink Water Heater

Twister 5.5

The Twister instantaneous water heater provides instant hot water for ‘over the sink’ applications. The blended tap arrangement comes with a fine stream spray nozzle. This enables the unit to provide comfortable temperature at an economic cost.

The Twister boasts the following benefits:

  • Quality mixing tap Ÿ
  • Led indicator
  • Savings on water and energy up to 50% with the use of fine stream spray head Ÿ
  • All fittings supplied
  • Ease of assembly
  • Available in 3.5kW & 5.5kW Models
TypeTwister 3.5kWTwister 5kW
Rated PowerkW3.55.5
Rated Voltage240V~240V~
Rated CurrentA14.622.9
Fuse Rated CurrentA1625
Min. connecting wires sectionmm²2.56
Efficiency (at 30°C/86°F temp. rise)l/min1.92.9
Supply water pressureMPa0.12÷0.60.12÷0.6
Dimensionsmm211 x 140 x 70211 x 140 x 70
Inlet and outlet sectionGz ½”Gz ½”
Safety classIP25IP25

Luna 5L Storage Water Heater

ehc luna water heater

As the Luna is equipped with its own water tank, hot water is supplied immediately. It is the perfect choice for sinks and wash basins.

The Luna boasts the following benefits:

  • 5 minutes to reach a 40 ˚C temperature
  • Temperature range 23˚ C to 70˚ C
  • Anti-frost protection
  • Water tank insulated with polyurethane foam
  • Body made of polypropylene, no corrosion
  • Ease of installation
  • Modern design
TypeLuna 5L
Rated PowerW2000W
Rated Voltage240V~
Rated CurrentA8.3
Rated PressureMPa0
Temperature Range°C23-70
Dimensionsmm427 x 285 x 163
Inlet and outlet sectionGw 3/8″ Gz 1/2″
Safety classIPX4

Maximus 36kW Water Heater

Maximus 36kW

The Maximus water heater is designed for industrial use. It has its application in places where a considerable amount of hot water is needed, e.g. an assembly line.

  • Water temperature can be modulated from 30˚C to 60˚C
  • Starts working at the minimal pressure of 0,1 MPa and 2,5 l/min water flow
  • Reliable copper shielded heating coils
  • increased capacity and surface of a heating box guarantee long life at continuous operation
  • Water flow sensor highly resistant to water impurities
  • Reliable electronic components
  • High Temperature Safety cut-out
TypeEPP-36 Maximus
Rated Power ConsumptionkW36
Rated Voltage400V 3~
Rated CurrentA3 x 52.0
Fuse Rated CurrentA63
Min. connecting wires sectionmm²4 x (10÷25)
Efficiency (at 40°C temp. rise)l/min17.3
Supply water pressureMPa0.10÷0.60
Dimensionsmm570 x 300 x 160
Inlet and outlet sectionGz ½”
Distance between inlet and outletmm~110
Safety classIP24