The Electric Heating Company provide a wide range of electric radiators;  from towel rails to conservatory radiators, we cover it all.

We are delighted to inform you that ALL of our electric radiators are manufactured in Germany. Most people in the heating industry will be aware of how meaningful a benefit that is.

We’d like to tell everyone else a little bit about German manufactured electric radiators and why they are held in such high regard.

Quite simply

Like many other German made products, our radiators are of extremely high quality and efficiency. This is reflected in the guarantee, which can be up to 15 years.

By using a range of traditional techniques EHC Electric radiators are manufactured using state of the art materials more suited for colder climates.

Built from steel, all our German manufactured electric radiators contain ceramic plates with imbedded heating elements. Together those components work perfectly to provide the highest levels of quality and efficiency that can be achieved through electric heating. With the UK experiencing colder winters in recent years EHC Electric Radiators are ideal for UK properties.

Should you wish to talk to The Electric Heating Company more about our German manufactured electric radiators.  Call 01698 820 533 or and one of our experienced team will be on hand to talk to you.