German Electric Radiators 

The Superior Heating Experience

The Electric Heating Company have developed the DSR German Electric Radiator, which is a high end, precision engineered product. Using our expert knowledge and years of experience, we have designed this product with both the installer and homeowner in mind, and as such all the controls used within our products are contemporary and user friendly.

Suitable for easy DIY installation, the DSR Radiator simply fixes to the wall and plugs into the nearest socket. The top grill can be removed at any time for cleaning or decorating purposes.

Our DSR Electric Radiator is designed to comply with the latest building regulations and domestic heating compliance guide as it can be installed as a standalone heater for that hard to heat room, or alternatively unleash the DSR Radiators full potential as whole house fully controllable system.

The DSR German Electric Radiators look like a conventional ‘wet’ system radiators, heat up and operate like ‘wet’ system radiators to provide the user with the most superior heating experience. The DSR Electric Radiator range has been developed to accommodate the smallest easy-to-heat room to the larger hard-to-heat-room and can support various different methods of control to suit your installation and preferences.

The DSR German Electric Radiator utilises the perfect balance of convection and radiation, warming both you and the surrounding air. The Radiator’s heating element first warms the Ceramic stones inside the radiator. When warm, these heat retentive stones distribute heat across the front of the radiator and channel it upwards through its internal structure. The heat emitted from the top of the DSR German Electric Heater is then circulated around the room, quickly warming the surrounding air whilst the heat that’s spread outwardly across the front surface of the EHC Heater provides a superior electric heating experience. The heat retentive stones also prevent the radiator from working too hard to maintain temperatures, helping to improve running costs and overall energy-efficiency.

DSR radiators are supplied with an in-built 7 day time and temperature digital programmer which allow you to automate your heating cycle. Three temperature bands (frost, fall back and comfort) can be set in 1 hour increments over a 24 hour period, however the heater can also be manually overridden with ease at any time to provide full flexibility. For those simpler situations the DSR Electric Radiators also have the optional feature of being set to a manual digital thermostat with just + or – temperature selection.

The DSR Electric Radiator has an ‘Open Window Feature’ which is built into the control system. The Open Window Feature causes your DSR Electric Radiator to automatically switch off for 30 Minutes if the room temperature drops rapidly by 2.4 degrees in any 4 minute period, saving you energy and money. You can override this feature easily by pressing any button on the radiator’s controls to return the radiator to its original settings.

With an ever increasing requirement for smart home technology and reduced energy costs, EHC are constantly looking at ways to meet these requirements within our product portfolio. That’s why we have also developed the “DSR Control System App” for those customers who wish to get the most from their new heating system whilst keeping energy consumption to a minimum. The App provides many more smart features to the DSR radiator system like programming all your heaters from the one place whilst at home, work or on holiday by the pool. The DSR Control System App is available for both Android and Apple devices which also communicates with Alexa Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot. You can use various voice commands to adjust the temperature of your home without leaving the comfort of your couch. In order to use the DSR Control System App a “DSR Smart App Gateway” will require to be purchased which can be added to your system at any time. The function of the Gateway is to provide the DSR Radiators with a connection to your home broadband router.

The Self Adaptive Control feature will monitor the room temperatures over 10 days to establish how quickly the home reaches your temperature setting. The operating system uses this information to switch the Radiators on at the correct time in advance to achieve your specific temperature setting at your requested time making your home comfortable when you want it to be.

The Geolocation smart feature simply works by using geo-fence technology where the user defines a perimeter at a set range around their property, when the device carrying the DSR Control App enters or leaves the specified perimeter the Geo-fence feature is triggered and automatically increases or decreases the room temperatures. From within the DSR Control App the geo-fence zone can be set to a radius around your home from 150 metres to 1000 metres. This feature requires the DSR Smart App Gateway.

For further control methods and system setups please contact a member of our team.