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Conservatory Radiators

To compliment your existing heating system The Electric Heating Company have produced a selection of electric conservatory radiators to heat your conservatory. With the option of wall mounting, floor standing or castors you have the facility to place your radiator anywhere within your conservatory.

These unique conservatory radiators have an outer casing manufactured using high-grade steel which is zinc coated to prevent rust. It is then powder coated to provide a lasting and superior high quality enamelled finish. All EHC Radiators are supplied in white RAL 9003 however they are available, upon request, in any of the 900 colours from the RAL chart to suit your décor.

The surface of the EHC Electric Conservator Radiator incorporates a spot welded, high-fin design which;

boasts 6 times the normal radiator surface area
provides a balance of convected and radiant heat for complete comfort
no expansion or contraction noises due to high calibre production and spot welding of fins.
Each fin enables cooler air from floor level to be heated as it rises through the radiator creating naturally convected heat which in turn circulates warm air throughout the room from floor to ceiling.

This provides a superior heating experience for customers.

The Magmatic Storage Tablets at the heart of the radiator provide the heat source. Each tablet has;

Embedded within high quality chrome-nickel steel heating elements designed to prevent corrosion and provide long life durability
Ability to heat up quickly and store heat generated which in turn heats the room
Manufactured to ensure long life durability.
The radiator output required will determine the number of Magmatic Storage Tablets contained within the radiator.

Each radiator has a 1.5m of cable complete with UK 3-pin plug for quick installation and operation however they may be spur wired.
Please visit our specifications page for more information on dimensions and outputs.

Conservatory Radiator






Due to the superior quality of our products we are proud to offer a 15 year warranty on the radiators.

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