Posted on 3rd November 2021

Sustainability and COP26

COP26 is the event that’s on the lips of everyone at this moment in time. World leaders have come together to help inspire climate change along with putting a plan together to combat it themselves.

It’s a special event for the Electric Heating Company also because it’s taking place in Glasgow, right on our doorstep!

Net Zero is a term many people have heard throughout COP26 coverage and is something that we as a company are helping to work towards!

Governments are working towards a target of net zero emissions by mid-century, which means phasing out traditional heating methods which involve burning fossil fuels that are full of CO2 emissions.

We recognise the continually growing demand for heating and hot water solutions that are sustainable and eco-friendly and are proud to say that all of our products are designed with this in mind.

Electric boilers can be powered from renewable energy resources e.g. solar power, resources such as solar power are completely free from CO2 emissions which are helping to move towards the target of net zero emissions!

In the UK alone the government intend to generate emission-free electricity by 2050, only last year they pledged 40GW of wind-generated electricity in the UK by 2030. This is enough to power every single household in the United Kingdom.

Moving to a renewable energy tariff with Electric Heating means that you’re moving to carbon-free heating which in turn helps towards a sustainable and renewable future.



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