Posted on 26th September 2017

EHC Introduce Smart Technology

EHC are committed to providing Products which deliver fully controllable heat at affordable running costs in properties with no access to Mains Gas.

For many years our EHC Combination Electric Radiators have been widely accepted as an alternative to traditional storage heating. The major advantage of this reliable system is that they are a 24 hour, fully controllable central heating system which modulates to maintain a constant room temperature.

The radiators look like conventional “wet” system radiators, heat up like conventional “wet” radiators and are 100{e0ffbcf462b77e8bb81867f73e24e1ba2ec90e1a5d375f373809c64b5f723c3a} efficient. They are maintenance free and do not produce harmful emissions. Each radiator has its own in-built thermostat with enables you to control the temperature throughout your home. For complete Control we recommend that each Radiator is hard wired to an EHC Control Box on a dedicated Heating Circuit which is turn is connected to a 24/7 Programmer and Room Thermostat.

To assist with changing lifestyles and spiralling Energy Costs, EHC have adapted the Combination Radiators to enable them to be controlled by easy to install Smart Technology when using our hard wired Control system. The easy to install software can be utilised on a Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

The ‘User Friendly’ software gives you maximum Control over your Heating System as Heating Cycles and Temperatures can be monitored and controlled remotely with the added benefit of optimised Weather Data via the Internet. The software will also provide you with information regarding your historic data such as room temperatures.


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