Accredited Heating Contractor Scheme Terms & Conditions


AHC’s will only install EHC Products for sales leads and repairs provided by EHC to the AHC. As part of EHC’s customer care service all customers will be contacted after the installation or repair. A customer satisfaction survey will be supplied and recorded on EHC’s database.

AHC’s are obliged to promote EHC products for their normal scope of work within the designated Post Code areas.

EHC will send enquiries to the AHC nearest in postcode or area to the customer. No other company will receive these enquiries unless agreed between EHC and AHC.

All customer enquiries and warranty repairs which are passed to an AHC require the AHC to contact the customer in question within 24 hours of receiving the enquiry from EHC. Where an AHC cannot meet this requirement EHC should be notified at the earliest opportunity.

AHC to inform the customer after installation to register the product on the EHC website or return the completed Product Warranty Card.

AHC’s will receive an additional discount off the trade price of 7.5% when ordering direct from EHC, certain products like boiler and cylinder packages are exempt from this discount.

When carrying out a warranty repair EHC will only cover reasonable labour costs which must be pre-agreed prior to commencing the work. Where replacement parts are issued by EHC it is the AHC’s responsibility to ensure that all faulty parts are returned within 14 days unless otherwise agreed by EHC. AHC’s are responsible for covering the costs of any parts which were issued and they failed to return. AHC’s can return the part themselves and add the carriage cost to their labour invoice or alternatively EHC can arrange a courier to collect.

An up to date copy of Public Liability Insurance must be submitted to EHC accompanied by a completed AHC Declaration prior to registration. ISO9001 also requires that the AHC should provide an updated copy of public liability insurance to EHC on an annual basis.

The AHC is responsible for ensuring EHC has up to date contact / company information whenever there is a change.

EHC is not liable for any issues / damage caused by the AHC whilst carrying out an install or repair and therefore the AHC requires to be adequately insured. Any grievances / claims which do arise are to be settled between the AHC and customer. EHC will act as a mediator where necessary between the AHC and customer in resolving the complaint.

Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) EHC now has a responsibility to ensure the safeguard of customer’s personal data which is passed from EHC to an AHC for the purposes of enquiries and warranty repairs. EHC requires all AHC’s to ensure appropriate safe guards are in place within their own organisations and that they to comply with GDPR to ensure the personal data of EHC customers is protected and not misused in any way. Any personal data passed from EHC should only be used for the purpose of contacting the customer on a one off basis to arrange completion of the original enquiry or repair, under no circumstances does EHC permit the AHC to hold or pass these details to any other third party or use them for any marketing unless the customer and EHC provides explicit consent to do so. EHC’s full privacy policy can be viewed on our website at

For EHC to further comply with ISO9001 accreditation we require all AHC’s to display the EHC/AHC logo on their website with a link to the EHC website. This is to help inform & reassure customers that you are a registered installer for EHC products. A copy of the logo will be emailed to you along with confirmation of the receipt of your application to the AHC scheme.

Failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions may result in the withdrawal of the scheme from the AHC.

Should either party wish to terminate this agreement, they will advise the other party giving 60 days prior written notice.

The contents of this Agreement are confidential between EHC and the AHC and as such should not be disclosed to any Third Party. Failure to comply with this confidentiality may result in termination of the Agreement.



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